UW 36 in Parade

Wow, what a HUGE crowd pleaser this one is!

Wow, are my legs ever TIRED today :frowning:

Well done!

I’d love to see some pics!

Me too…the news is coming on in 15 mins…hopefully I’ll make it on, and grab a screen shot.

HungFromHooks was there with a camera, but I don’t think he had it when he was riding

I did notice some people I knew in the crowd, maybe they grabbed some pics

Doing cool mounts on that to 100 cheering kids was pretty neat

(I also discovered a new UW mount last night to put in my movie)

Excellent, that must have been incredibly tiring.

What was the parade for? I find the whole concept of parades very strange…they just don’t exist over here.


It was for the Xmas parade. In Cananda, we don’t have that many, I think the americans have a parade for something every week

Maybe you do have them…and you just weren’t invited!

Parades are great. I rode my 5 footer in the local parade on fri…it was a lot of fun…but was hard to mount infront of THOUSANDS of people…took a couple tries. The crowd liked it when i pretended to fall, then ride away fine…you could hear them gasping thinking you were gonna go down.

I don’t think we have that many here, but in Mnpls/St Paul they seem to have several every week.

No news coverage :frowning:

To be fair, that’s only really in the summer, and about a 100 mile radious of the cities.

Contact the station, they may have footage, quite a bit ends up not being used.

Re: UW 36 in Parade

how did u get invovled in the parade?

The Toronto Unicyclists do the (London) parade every year, and Darren always graciously offers for us to join in

why don’t the london guys do it…i’m sure is the next question

a) It’s Darren’s gig

b) They can put on a much more spectacular show

They even have fleece vests and toques with their logo, and lights for the wheels, what a cool show. (of course, ideally Carl would show up in time with the vests! heh heh)

Re: Re: UW 36 in Parade

In my area, I have called the organizers and asked if they wanted unicycles in the parade. I have gotten an enthusiastic “YES” from all three parades I’ve been in this year. My fourth parade will be this coming Friday for our local Christmas parade.