UUU level testers

The Union of Uk Unicyclists (UUU) has adopted the IUF levels as UUU
levels. There is currently a small band of testers and an even smaller
band of tester assesors.At Uni meets and the BUC over the next few months
UUU levels testers will start to offer UUU levels testing to riders
who are interested in doing them.

Any body wishing to become a UUU levels tester will need to be assesed and
approved by a tester assesor who will watch them testing a volunteer and
help clear up any uncertainties or weak points on their testing.

UUU levels testing is aimed at UK riders who want to use the IUF levels
in a formal skill test enviroment. It doesn’t replace any local club
levels tests.

Look out for levels testing workshops at UK unimeets over the winter and
at the 10th British Unicycle convention in April.

Sarah Miller
UUU Chair Person

2nd Darmstadt International Unicycle Hockey Tournament
Nov 30th - Dec. 1st 2002

I was the first person to past the UUU level 2,
at least thats something to be proud of:D