UUU Content, who would like to help?

Well I finally did it, all the useful content from the previous UUU website has been moved on to the new site I’ve made (I just need to get the unicycle.org.uk address sorted).


There is still a lot of work to go as I have to write the code for the new features I want to add (e.g. news and events RSS feed).

I have also added a system that allows the majority of the content on the site to be edited easily (no knowledge of HTML needed) provided I give the editor a username and password.

I still think the content on the site could be greatly improved, who would be interested in contributing to content on the site?

If you are interested e-mail me delcypher@gmail.com

How about an archive of tutorial videos?

If they can categorised to the type of unicycling (e.g. Street, Trials) and provided the videos are external (i.e. on Youtube or another sort of video hosting service) then yes that sounds like a great idea.

If you can get a list together then I can put it on the site or I can create the basic structure and then let you add the content yourself.