UTV Sponsorship Request

This is mainly for Olaf, as there is only one new clip, and slow motion, however. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Wish me luck!
Youtube :

Url:: http://unicycle.tv/video/1118-UTVsponsorshiprequest-ColbyThomas

Video:: http://deluxe.unicycle.tv/1118.utvsponsorshiprequest-colbythomas.mov

CRAZY! I think you will get it! I also Like the song very much

WTF DUDE? Did i just see a trytiplle on flat from you???

Your progression is unhuman! Really hope you get the sponsorship, good luck!

Re edit: Treytriple lol

Holy crap I love it. hope you the sponsorship dude…

you’ve inspired me to learn flips now…

Good luck man.

Very nice slomo’s!

And hey; be extremely careful on that terrific wooden floor I noticed!
(yes, I’m jealous, it’s perfect!)

Good luck with the request.

I rewatched for like the forth time and i decided that this is one of my favorite videos from you. I like the simple editing, the song, and i personally like slow motion. Its easier to see tricks that way… and it looks good with the video from your camera.

Woah, some of that stuff was nuts

Woah nice video dude, may I ask what frame you are using??

I’ve asked him and he says it’s a KH :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue:

You are my favourite rider!!! :wink:

It’s a rewelded KH frame with these reinforcement thingys, there was a thread on it not too long ago!

You know what you should get? A new camera :stuck_out_tongue: But nice video, except from the quality :stuck_out_tongue: