UTV Sponsorship request by Elias Pöham

This is my sponsorship request video for unicycle.tv
isaac posted his video in another thread too…
enjoy it
and please comment

Url: http://unicycle.tv/video/687-eliassponsorrequest
Download: http://videos.unicycle.tv/687.eliassponsorrequest.wmv

Realy nice trialstuff and street.
But you better mentioned the “bad langauge” of the first song, some people don’t like that (not that I realy care)
Good video anyways :sunglasses:

Great vid, that trials course looks awesome.

very nice vid !!! :astonished: huge gaps in it !!! :astonished:

great vid! your an amazing trials rider

woah id love to have your uni collection!!!

i have already seen it on vimeo
you are so good at trials and street wow

on the first 20" unicycle you rode, what was the psi? It looked like it never even compressed.

Awesome movie. your riding is great, and your style is awesome too.

really nice vid, nice Trial lines and good riding.
show us a picture of your uni family! :slight_smile:

Yeah you and your brothers are awesome :stuck_out_tongue: wish I had brothers like that. (no offence to my family)

yeah! sweet, I wish I had a trials course like that. What’s your side hop?

Nice! Like those mountains in the background.
Good riding.
Tender tunage!
Best of luck with the sponsorship and stuff.

Hey Elias, geile Video!
Bis halt einer der Komplettesten fahrer!

where did you get the rollo disks from? i didnt think they were out yet

he borowed it from me:D

UTV is the Kris Holm grassroots team. Olaf who runs UTV is a team manager and also worked on rollo disks projects, so, some UTV riders and KH riders tested the rollo disks.

Kris said that this product will be released befor christmas…

BTW, nice video Elias! You deserves the sponsor!

I made the rollo disks!