Utah caravans to Moab

No, this isn’t the thread about caravans from the airport. I figured we could have another thread for people that live in Utah, especially in Utah and Salt Lake counties.
As of this moment, I don’t have a ride. Does anyone from Utah have an extra seat? I live in Provo, so am on the way for almost everyone. My schedule is flexible, but I’d prefer to go down on Thursday afternoon/Friday morning and stay until Sunday night/Monday morning. I’m willing to help with gas, snacks, etc.

I’ll be driving to Moab from Pleasant Grove. I’m flexible in my schedule. I’ll either have room for one or three depending on if I take the car or the van.



Assuming I can make it, work schedule permitting. I’ll land in SLC at 12:40 am on Friday. I might catch some Z’s for a few hours in SLC, or I might head right down to Moab. Depends on if there’s anyone else coming into SLC around the same time.

Maybe I can pick you up on the way down.

Joe Merrill (NYC)

Don’t forget other people who might be driving from wherever, and having to pass through the SLC area to get to Moab. Anyone driving from Northern CA is likely to be going that way.