Using left hand on a right-handed Reeder handle...?

My slightly odd question for today is… has anyone tried using their favoured hopping hand on a Reeder handle built for the opposite hand? ie using yr left hand on a Reeder handle built for right-handers or vice versa. Seems like an odd question but a friend of mine has a Reeder handle for a righthander which he is selling, whereas I am a southpaw when it comes to seat handles. I wonder whether it would make much difference to using the handle? Any opinions/thoughts/comments welcome!


Personally, I wouldn’t. The angle at which the Reeder is most ergonomic for one hand is quite unsuitable for the other, in my experience. If you want an ambi handle then the Kinport is the way to go. Some people do have the Reeder straight across, but then why not have a Kinport, which is lighter.

My two cents.

If the reeder is mounted so the handle is across the seat it may be OK. Mine is that way but I am right handed with a right handed handle. I don’t do any serious hopping with my left hand but I do hold it with my left hand for steep climbs and decents and use my right arm for flailing about.

Seems a lot of riders like the reeder at an angle other than straight across, in that situtation I woul think it would be uncomfortable hopping with the wrong hand.

Some discussion in the thread Reeder handle orientation.

i wouldnt bother.
it pretty much cancels out all the reasons your want a reeder handle to begin with.

Thanks for that link Steve- very useful stuff!

All things considered, I guess I’ll get meself a left-handed Reeder handle.

Good plan, I don’t think it would be worth getting one that has the wrong orientation. Which unicycle are you going to put it on? The MUni with the Carbon fibre seat and brake? Surely not on the trials unicycle, because it would weigh it down.

Err, yes I was intending to make up my CF airseat and put it on my trials uni. The Reeder’ll probably weigh more than a miyata handle but should be nicer to use.

CF + Kinport… Tastes great and less filling!

Although I have not yet put together this particular combination.