Using cones to learn how to turn?

I want to get better at turning corners, so I went out and bought some soccer (football for your european types:p ) cones and want to use those to help me learn how to turn. Is this a good idea? I have a double tennis court at my disposal so space isn’t an issue. As it stands now, my sharp turns are jerky at best, but about 75% of the time I can make the turn. Lazy turns are alot better now.

I ask now, but I know I will attempt to use them tomorrow. I will let you all know how it works out. If it doesn’t do so great, then I will pack em back in the back of my car and pretend I never bought em. If anything, they can help me turn circles and stuff.

Hey, if it works for you, then do it. :slight_smile:

They cant hurt your turning can they? i found if I chose a path i wanted to take weaving through trees it helped me with turning. Pillions would do the same thing i guess.

The way 1 of my lady friends learned how to turn was to buy those street cones from a department store and place them in a line in an empty council carpark. Mostly during the afternoon hours when there’s no cars parked. So you might want to try that idea. :smiley: :smiley:

Using cones helped me with turns and weaving on days when I could only practice for a short time. It was easy to set them up in front of the house and change configurations as I got better. I hardly ever use them now.

The real thing is so much more fun …

i guess it cant really hurt can it?

but i think if you should just get out there and practice weaving in and out of obstacles when you come to them whilst riding.

but meh everyones different, tell us how you go

I used pop bottles filled with water and set them up in a course. This is also how i learned to mount. I would start the course hold on to a trash can to get on the uni and then go. when i would fall i would try getting up by myself 5 times before returning to the trash can.

Play basketball.

i decided against the cones idea and went for a windy path on base here. It wasn’t too bad, as I soon figured out. However, I did take a spill and messed up my leg a bit. Peroxide will fix it, but its gonna hurt like a mo… when I do get the oxide on it. I did get a loud “YEAH” from a guy in a group of people. Needless to say, they all turned to watch me ride by, only to UPD about 35 yrds later in a crosswalk. I got up, dusted myself off, and rode off like I knew what I was doing, which in most cases, it isn’t.

Now to drown my pride in some peanut M&Ms and milk…yum!!!

Lazy turns are the best…not as sharp, but smoother and easier and feel better.
So yeah I think cones will help.

Instead of using cones though, just use some sticks or some rocks or something

Me and rocks don’t really get along, or so my leg tells me. I was messing around on this jogging trial, came to a stop, and the uni didn’t want to get going again, even though my body did. Needless to say, i just had a painful bout with some hydrogen peroxide. I will work some more on this trail, seems nice for learning how to turn, once i get my uni back working.

:smiley: :smiley: