using 137's for street

hey everyone,
i got a nimbus trials with 137’s for trials riding.
however, trials is hard to do because of spots u have to find. There are many stairs and ledges near me so i want to get into street.
Can i use 137 moments for street? Or would it be good to invest in 125’s?

137s will treat you fine. More street riders are on cranks longer than 125.

Yes you can, some of the best riders do. Shaun J. does. I’ve been riding street with 145s for a while now(which is a bit too long but it’s easily doable). My 125s moments should come in the mail today and I’ll see how I like the drastic length change.

if one were to do both trials and street, which would be the best cranks?

In my opinion, the 137s.

I think street is easier to ride with 137s than trials is with 125s.

Trials is horrid with 125’s. I ride kh150 moments on my tries uni with a mod rim and I’m just as good at street. I don’t do much, but I can jump 6sets fine, and all that jazz. The speed is also easy enough to get, I can get up a 4 set now and then, speeds not the determining factor in that though ahha. So yeah 140’s would be the best for both I think. I mean world class trials and street riders both ride that length.