User Developed, New Product Ideas

So I was riding along the other day, minding my own business, when I had an idea, why not have a thread where the users dream up “reasonable” ideas for UDC and others to consider:

So here one:

Customizable crank blanks, left instilled from the factory, the user specifies hole pattern and spacing, a local maching shop drills and taps cranks per user specifications.

For example, UDC would order the crank, say a Venture II, with enough flat area to drill out to a max length of ~175mm and as short as 100mm, with sufficient material for double or triple drilled pedal holes.

I would love to have some 160/140/120 triples

What about unreasonable?

I’ve been thinking about one way clutches quite a bit lately; specifically a one way clutch that had an adjustable amount of resistance to freewheeling. My thought is that it only takes a certain amount of back pedaling force to maintain balance and that if one had a way to give only that much back force then riding, particularly at speed, would be much more efficient.


I would just like a KH frame with no Magura mounts and the disc mount on the left side to tidy things up a bit.

Larger decent sealed bearings would be good (in the nasty UK weather they die pretty fast), and at the same time moving to a larger axle format like the x-type now commonly found on bikes. We don’t need side pressure on the bearings so a pinch bolt, splined setup with a light weight large diameter hollow axle would rock

Being new to this and coming from a biking background, I am sortof surprised how pricey an internal 2 speed hub is and that there is no freewheel option. I realize the need to backpedal & idle & hop, so it would need to be a pop & lock option sortof like the 2 speed gears are now. Maybe it is just that there aren’t enough riders interested to necessitate such development? The “obsolete 36” thread sortof explained why hubs are so complex and the science behind the planetary system in such a small area. It reminds me of watching shows with my 4yo who loves Monster Trucks. The planetary gear system virtually changed the sport!
Coasting would be nice. But then you’ll definately need brakes because your go to braking system of resistance pedaling is gone with a freewheel.

I like that ideal, being able to have cranks to whatever size you want would be awesome. I like the fact that it could be triple holed also, there’s no cranks that are meant to be mutli dilled.

Nothing is totally unresonable, but maybe certain topics could be skipped to avoid yet another geared hub discussion :roll_eyes:

I would like to see a less complicated handle bar design that is stiffer than the KH, maybe a combo of the bar mount I made…a mounting “stub” that attaches to the four screw grab handle mount, with a variety of bar attachments or one that telescopes like a stoker bar. I’m working on this one right now, but I’d like to see this mounting system evolve into a mass produced model.


On that bearing design and pinch bolt crank, you are totally on target, it would solve so many problems, though bearing retention on the spindle would need to be handled with a C Clip or something as they can shift.

@ NBT,

I also would be interested in a clutch because it’s the downs that really slow us down compared to bikers, though I’m thinking that a higher gear (aka guni) would partly serve that purpose. I do think I could slip a clutch not unlike I already glide a brake, it would be interesting to try :smiley:

How about a flat seat with a variety of padded inserts? The Flat Fish seat design that one of the forum members is laying up in carbon would be a nice start. If we had a couple different multi density seat pad choices, then we could buy the base, buy the pad, apply some contact cement, and install the cover.

At the minimum we should be ble to buy new seat pad foam…without buying a whole seat.

While we’re thinking up business ideas for UDC, how about something like a multi-week ‘rental’? For example I’d like to ride a 36-er but not willing to drop a grand on one only to find that I don’t care to do that much road-riding. Now if I could try it for a week or two with an option to buy it at the end of my term, then they might have me…

Not a new idea, but I would love to see a quality mountain pedal that flips up for easy uni transport. Something like this:

Ok… I know this will sound really, really odd. But I was trying to come up with a solution of being able to change ‘gear’ on the fly like you can with a schlumpf. Now, if someone doesn’t have a guni, the only way they can try to go faster is with a larger wheel or with shorter cranks.

So… I was thinking… could there be some way to have a variable crank? One that can change length depending on the amount of torque you need. Maybe 165’s for going uphill and 100’s for the road? Of course, they’d probably not be particularly strong, and the only way I could think of getting them to work is some-kind of spring-loaded, telescopic design. But, you know… the whole purpose of this thread is for ideas… … :confused:

I would love a real Unicycle trials tire

This is a great idea. To expand on it some with my own thoughts:

First off, rather than test ride brand new uni’s, I think UDC should have a “Demo fleet” of uni’s. Nothing fancy, just one or two of each different wheel size to lend out for a week.

Then, when a person wants to try out a uni, they make a payment, (either full or partial, probably better if it’s partial, say 50-75%) as “insurance” on the uni, and then UDC sends it your way.

After you ride it for a week, you put it back in the box and send it back. Once UDC receives the uni, they refund the entire amount minus shipping, or if you like it, they transfer that payment to a brand new uni.

I think this would be an awesome system… Just my .02 though. :thinking:

What’s wrong with bike trials tires? What would you change?

I like the crank blanks and the larger axle/bearing idea. It would solve the ISIS crank stop problem once and for all.

What about a freewheel geared hub and a slight adjustable drag on a disk brake? It would be a challenge to get started, but it might work fine at speed. How little drag could you have on the brake to still give you a restoring force for balance when you stopped accelerating? If it were only a few percent it might be reasonably efficient.


Okay, so let’s talk multi position cranks…

I have double hole pedals on most of my unis, but I don’'t use them very often. Why? Because it’s a pain in the arse to dismount, get out my tools, unscrew two pedals, rescrew them into a differrent holes, then do it again later, and again, …

What we need is quick release system that allows pedals to be “hot swappable”, just a quick dismount, pop the release tab, plug and play, no tools, no grease, in and out under thirty seconds.

There are a couple systems available, but the better one (the one that looks more muniesque) is only available by ordering from China direct.

I don’t know about you, but if I spend $100 on some pedals only to find they are poorly made, etc…then I would be out $100. But if a unicycle shop carried these pedals, then we could get warranty service, spare parts, extra QR mounts, maybe even “gourmet” platform choices :smiley:

BTW, the uni demo program, even a rent to own option, that would be a great way for someone check out unicycling without getting in too deep. Of course shipping is a big deal, but I bet UDC could come up with a plan that would benefit them and not be too much of a burden o the buyer. For instance, IDC pays shipping on new unis, so the buyer essentially buys the uni, rides it, then if they don’t learn like it, whatever, they return it and pay shipping both ways plus some fee for use (unless the uni was a prior demo). They might end up with a fleet of demos, but as long as their costs are covered, then why not?

Uni demo program?

Local uni club. We have all the wheel sizes around for that purpose.

As far as a nationwide level goes, it would be a lot of work on a single shop’s part (that being referenced in this thread) to keep a demo fleet running with them being shipped all over the country repeatedly. Yes, it would be nice for the riders looking to try the unis, how much inventory would be tied up on UPS trucks at any given time? What if something breaks and needs serviced? Would the demo person be willing to send it back early to get it fixed properly or would a local shop service it?

I would see a massive headache for little return trying to keep a centralized system going.

A localized system would be nice. Maybe it’s time we start networking and spending time hanging out with fellow unicyclists. Gatherings are good.


I have no interest in multi-hole cranks with current pedals, for the reasons you mention, but would be very interested in that.

Presumably the current systems you mention are a single type of pedal designed to work with standard cranks (a link would be handy?) - how about also going a bit more lateral and making a crank with a QR pedal insert (which takes standard pedals, so letting the rider use their preferred option). I can even see the possibility here for a continuously variable option - if not necessarily changeable on the fly. The big problem I can see is eliminating the slop - some sort of taper fit would presumably be required. Or maybe something adapted from through-axle securing systems on bicycles.

One blade unicycle

How about a uni with one blade frame? I would try to convince Triton to build a custom lefty if there was a suitable hub :slight_smile:

A solution looking for a problem?

Why not modify a Lefty fork and wheel? It could probably be done if you had access to a machine shop. A guy I rode with in Oregon had a similar idea, not sure if was serious about producing it, but seeing as you need a custom hub and bearing, that makes it a little more complicated.

I would also expect that the oversized hub, bearing, and one legged frame would end up being heavier than standard hub and fork, though it would look cooler :slight_smile:

The problem with a threaded QR adaptor that uses existing cranks is you would either have to offset the pedal or have a different pedal spindle. White Bros has a QR crank that allows the use of any pedal, but it’s a single hole and is square taper. Here’s a link:

Maybe an insert could be made that would fit in place of the Moment pedal inserts? I’m thinking of a brass sleeve on the (male) pedal side that has internal 9/16 threads for a standard pedal which is screwed onto the pedal spindle. Then on the crank side there is a (female) brass sleeve which replaces the Moment pedal inserts. On the end of the male insert there is a grove for a U Clip with a safety ring, so all you do is unclip the pedal, swap holes, and reclip the pedal.

Funny, I actually didn’t really look at the White Bros version until just now, and it’s the same thing I had in mind :roll_eyes:

So if a crank without inserts were “overdrilled” to accept an insert, then this could work on any crank or if a different insert were developed for an existing crank that has a pedal insert…