used Uni in Germany wanted

thanx for some interesting infos in your group. I was at the world juggling
convention by accident, since some people were juggling and I really had to
walk up to them to aks if could join for a while. Which they warmly allowed
and was great and then this one guy freely lent me his uni. Though it took
me some falloffs I got to some 150 meters pretty fast. Maybe that comes from
playing tricks with the mountain bike???

What I really loved, was the second, when I let go the pole, wiggled (??)
for a moment and then felt the momentum of the uni and the movement of the
pedals syncronize in a way and then it made me go! That's simply greaaaaaat!

Now I defnitely got the hang and would love to buy an uni but I can't spend
a fortune (students' annoying restricted budget ; - ( ). So is there anybody
out there who wants to sell a used uni in Germany (I'm living in Nuremberg)?

Second question: Am I right, that muni stands for mountain uni?

Thanks alot and thanks to that one guy who lent me his uni and let me throw
it on the ground so often, I owe you one!