used Torker DX 20 2008

Im selling my Torker DX 20" trials uni.

I just haven’t had time or desire to ride it much in the past year or more. Its used but still in great condition. I replaced the pedals and the seat. Some scratches and normal wear, but not that much. Tire is still in great condition.

This uni is a beast. ive gone off 3 and 4 foot drops no problem, and i’ve heard of people doing even more crazy stuff with these. This is definitely one of the strongest unicycles for the price. It is heavier than a KH, theres no denying that.

I paid around $260 for it new, so im thinking maybe $150 for it now.
Ill ship anywhere in the US, from 03053, New Hampshire.
message me know if youre interested or email me: onedbell AT

Pictures to come.

^ Heres the pedals I put on. They’re an older version of these DX pedals. And I also added some black pedal protectors.

Heres the saddle i added. Its the old KH fusion saddle. So its thicker than the new ones.

Ill throw in the stand that came with it also. I never really used it much or figured how its supposed to work.

Uploaded with

Also, Im willing to come down on the price.

$110 + shipping. I will also throw in the original black DX pedals.

pm sent.