Used Radial 36" for sale or trade

If sold I need $250 plus shipping, I’ve put about 60 miles on it, will consider trade for a solid 28" or 29", I’m in Atlanta area… Danny

Hey there, I’m interested. What rim does it have? Also which seat and what crank length? Pictures would be great :slight_smile:

I’ll try and get back with you by saturday afternoon, not sure how to answer the rim question, and I can’t remember the crank length (came standard from… as far as the seat we have a mess of unis at the house and I’m going to have to find which one it was, not anything like a gel as I remember, I put my Kris Holm on it as soon as I got it and I won’t be parting with that … email


Yeah, it wasn’t clear to me at first if it was the the normal radial 360.

I’ll pass.

Well Danni, I have a new Semcycle 28 XL that I haven’t riden any futher than the end of my driveway. It has 127mm cranks and a United rubber saddle with plastic bumpers. Let’s talk about some form of trade shall we. The Sem is really nice and DOES NOT have a crappy steel rim. Let me know…

I too am interested. Check your PMs.

I am not sure that I am interested in trading down to your uni, so I’ll pass too. Coker is releasing a better 36" in the summer and I would like to ride my 29’er for while first. Thanks anyway.