Used Nimbus Oregon value

What is the value of a lused Nimbus Oregon?

What are they new?
Have they been on sale, if so, then how much did it cost?
Keep in mind that a New Oregon from IDC comes with free shipping.

I usually sell things for 3/4 to 2/3 of new.

Have you considered buy a 29" wheel or building up a narrower 26" wheel?

I’m not looking to buy I just saw this unicycle for sale and was curious.

An Oregon is $820 new, las time it was on sale for $750, this includes shipping which can run up to $50 if you are having it shipped cross country.

The new Oregons available in the Spring may have some nicer features; better wheel set, better tire, better brake, so if you have the cash to buy a used one for say $500, then you could get more uni if you wait.

Are your parents helping you out or is this your money?

Honestly, the fat tire does not make muni easier, though it is fun to ride, fat tires are also a lot of work due to being heavy and akward.

Do you still have your Nimbus 26" muni? If so, then that muni with a 3" tire is going to better for beginner-intermediate muni than the Oregon with a 4" tire.

In terms of long range, I think the Oregon is the best production muni available:

Strong frame, minimal knee interference, lightweight
Disc hub technology on a super wide hub
Frame capacity for wheel sizes up to a 29 x 3
Ability to swap wheels in minutes

Thursday I rode my Oregon with a 29 x 2.4, yesterday I rode my Oregon with a 26 x 4, today I’m swapping back to the 29 x 2.4, and swaps take just a few minutes, removing and replacing four bolts.

The only thing that would make the Oregon better is if I could fit a Schlumpf hub :slight_smile:

@Ben: what is the reasonably smallest (talking tire width here) tire you can put on the stock oregon rim?

With the small tire does the beast behave more like a standard 26 Muni?

yes, you can go down to a 2.5

The narrowest I ran was an Ardent 2.6 wire bead, it’s the same casing and width as an Ardent 2.4, the tire flattened out some, but seemed to ride just fine. I wouldn’t go any narrower as the Ardent sidewall was just as wide as the rim, any narrower and it might not maintain good bead contact with the rim.

A Duro 3" is a better fit, I believe that Muniaddict runs a Large Marge rim and a Duro 3" on his KH 24. Once Summer comes back, I will probably mount a Duro 3" since a 4" tire is a lot of work for distance riding.

Yes, it would ride nice, the rim is a little heavy, but other than that it would be a nice muni, esp if you like the wider foot position. Note that the Ventures on an Oregon hub are about the same width as a standard hub with Moments, so you can get a really wide and stable foot position by changing to Moments. I run Moments on all four of my Oregon hubs; yes, I have four: 26, 29, 32, 36.

The Oregon pictured on Ebay is a first generation with the disc brake mounting tab welded to the frame, and a wire bead Larry 27tpi. My original Oregon had the welded disc brake tab, but Nimbus replaced it with the new Oregon frame and D Brake at no cost. Some of the first generation Oregons also came with the heavier LM DH rim, which does not have the rim machined inner wall.

I’d pay $400 + $50 shipping for the Ebay Oregon, maybe a bit more depending on what “extra tire” he is including.


I look for the bid to get to high. In the past I saw a $350 unicycle with a $200 brake that didn’t work sell for the pice of a new one. Some others have done close to the same.

As far as price…yep a new high end unicycle will sometimes go on sale for $100 bucks off.

Another thing is some bike shops can get you one for a big discount too. It just depends.

Myself I have waiting for Oregon to come back into stock. All unicycles has it for regular price. I figure by the time I get one a newer version will be out.

I’m looking for the biggest baddest monster I can find and will be disapointed if I get the current set up and something better comes out. It happened with the KH29 when I got $100+ dollars off. Now I want the disc upgrade but not willing to drop another $300 to do it. I could have gotten the 29 oracle for $620.

I might consider selling some unicycles. Spent way to much experimenting on what will be my desired ride.

I already said I’m not looking to buy

How do you know that I have a 26" nimbus. Did I post about it somewhere and forget that I did?

I’m in the same boat. UDC canada has them in stock with free shipping. But since a new one is coming out in the US with improvements, I’ve gotta wait and see what it’s going to look like.

Your parents told me :wink:

I seriously doubt that. Who do you think my parents are?

Silly wabbit, tricks are for kids :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have an Oregon, but I still run a Large Marge wheelset with my Conundrum :stuck_out_tongue:

The smallest tire I run on a LM is a Specialized Purgatory Grid UST 26 x 2.4 . It is given at 62-559 for the ETRTO so slightly narrower than the rim outside width but still stable, very light and good grip. A pleasure riding XC :smiley:

That doesn’t make any sense.

It was a joke son, get it?

I know how old you are and what you ride because you posted it, duh :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol I kind of walked into it.

This may sound like a smart-ass answer, but in truth it’s what you can get people willing to pay. It’s a relatively small market for these kinds of unicycles, and so it’s difficult to put a price on it.

I thought about getting one of them, but with the unique tire size I had fears about whether they would eventually become obsolete. I am already finding it hard to get decent 24x3 tires; and back in the day they were easy to find. I have doubts that fat tires will become a permanent feature in the unicycling or biking landscape.

There is a relatively new trend in biking with huge tires. Mountain bikes with 26x4" or larger tires. They ride em in the snow a lot. They have already been around for about 10 years possibly longer. I’ve been reading more and more articles about it lately, it seems to be picking up steam. While they may be harder to source than regular sized tires, I don’t think the fatty tires are going away anytime soon.

It’s an odd thread.

Did you buy it?