Used Nimbus 36 Nightrider Tire

This is a used 36 Inch Nimbus Nightrider Tire. Asking $ 45 + Shipping.

It came on a KH36 I bought about a year ago. I haven’t ridden this tire in about 6 months ( I prefer the Vee Rubber tire). I’m estimating the tire is maybe 5 years old max.

The tread looks pretty good - I’d say 80% at least ( many of the factory injection molding “nipples” are still on there).

The rubber seems supple and the bead looks OK.

The tire mounts more loosely then the Vee Rubber tire and I had to watch that the bead lined up evenly as I inflated it. I think this may be normal for this tire (haven’t had another one to compare).

Shipping: Pkg is 22x20x6 Inches , 4lbs Ships From Zip 85602