used Hunter on ebay

Just to let you folks know there is now a 24 inch hunter muni for sale on ebay. It has a magura brake and all of the stuff it comes with from plus a brake extender.
Take a look if you’re interested: ebay item # 2710711223


Why you sell’n it, Mr. Fish Toung?

What kind of reserve are we looking at?

shame on you for not trying to sell it here 1st :wink:

It’s usually more of a hassle trying to sell stuff on here. I would have gone the same route and let the e-bay vultures have their pick at it.

ive never had a hassle selling things here but ive never tryed to sell a freestyle uni either.

through this site ive sold 3 unis and various parts etc.i dont do e-bay

Might as well do the e-bay thang AND forum… get the price it warrants. Of course, it helps to be successfull here to post some nice pics… which our broken-necked-friend came to reluctantly. What are you riding now? Is it RED?

Truth is I really didn’t want to sell it, but I can no longer give it the riding it diserves due to some medical problems along with time, and I also need to pay some bills. It’s a great ride though, and can take quite a beeting. My friend helped me put it on ebay, and took the pics, I’m not sure how to get them on this site so if you are interested there are some pics on the ebay page. Maybe in a few years I’ll be able to misuse one of these things the right way again;).


It’s got a reserve price on it so at least it’s not going to end up selling for less than you are willing to sell it for.

Some suggestions
Add the word “unicycle” to the title. I did a search on “unicycle” and your auction did not show up. The word “unicycle” also does not appear in the description. Right now the title has the word “uni-cycle” which does not generate a hit when searching ebay for “unicycle”.

Mention that it has a Profile hub in the specs. I can see it in the pictures, but it would be better to spell it out. And mention the crank size. I assume they are 170mm, but you never know. Some people ride with 175s or 150s or other sizes.

John’s right on, get “unicycle” in the title and description ASAP.

Here is the direct link to the AUCTION

And the pic from the auction:

I got rid of the Fireball and opted for another one.
I’m on a 26" nII frame, Alex DX 32 rim, Profile hub + 160mm Profiles, Dyno Fireball tire, Snafu Pedals, and a CF/AIR miyata.
Everything is black (had the hub anodized by Profile specially) and I’m getting ready to have the frame powdercoated, I’ll post pics when I’m done… ORANGE?

Just over a day left and the reserve has not been met.