used 26' power pashly muni, $250??

hi, i posted early about this,

my freind wants to sell me his 26" power pashley muni.
its fetures:
it has about 8 months of use on it.
there is nothing really wrong with it.
i will want to buy some new cranks, the ones on it are his 6th or 7th pair, and are bent.
its blue.
mildly worn down tire.

i want to know if this is a good deal, and any pashly owners out there, tell me all of your pet peeves about it. also tell me the good stuff. but if there is anything bad, i wanna know about it.


I just couldn’t endure a cycle with a name that sounds like an Indian resturant. Think about it, man: you’d get hungry every time you ride- end up bloating up like a tick.

Just my 2 cents.


I think you’ll be happy with the Power Pashley. It fixes the only concerns
I had with my regular Pashley–the seat and the wheel.

It’s a very good unicycle for the money.

David Maxfield Bainbridge Island, WA

if your serious about MUni,this wont be your last one so remember that ,it may be bettter than what you have now but they aint the greatest,8 months of use and 6 or 7 pairs of cranks??the hub and berings are probobly ready to go soon as well___________conclusion $200 hundread bucks cash______by the way i think the blue color is the easyest color to get ,if it was black or red i’d say $215 or $220

jagur- i really dont think that the bearings are going, nor the hub. its built for that stuff. i have talked to the owner just now, and he says its only like 3-4 pairs of cranks, and that they are cheapo lasco alloy cranks.

cris- what you on

oh yeah- cris i dont like indian


ok so whatever the case,the "horse trader"in me says,if he said 250$ i’d say 200$ don’t forget it is very hard to sell a uni ,my guess would that you are the only friend he has that would buy it ,so use this to your advantage ,i’m not saying that to be an ass,im just saying hey,its a used pashley,200$ cash on the spot would be hard to say no to if it was mine :smiley:

jagur- no you are …not smart… we have talk over the price for a long time, it has been decided. 250$ and no, its not hard to sell a uni at my school. i know of 2 other people who would consider buying it.

ok since i am already posting to yell at jagur, i will tell you all somthing

i want to use this muni (the pash) for trials and muni and transportaion.

any complaints?


i anti worship jagur

listen up punk if you dont want my opinion,then DONT ASK!!! and if you have already bought the damn thing what the hell are you asking me or anybody if you sould buy it for ???

you…your talkin ta me all wrong…you…do it agian…an i stab you in da face with a suaderin iron.


i have not purchased it, the price has been set, i did not asked YOU, i aksed everybody. the question is, will this unicycle fit my needs well?

i reapeat my needs are:
trials uni
transport uni

oh yea…jagur…fagedaboutit…youseewatimsayin?



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i think i’m gonna buy that Pashley so i can beat you over the head with it,learn how to spell,ya freak

What currency is it?
American, Canadian, Australian? They all use dollars…
This is not the newsgroup.(There is no such thing) You can’t assume we are all Americans.

Looking at, I see that it retails for $389 U.S. I think $250 U.S. is a decent price for it since it is pretty new. Plus, you know the seller, which makes it better. I think it has good parts for the price.

Yes, I do think this uni will meet your needs well, but trials is better, IMHO, with a 20" uni.

I recommend upgrading the seat from a viscount to a miyata, though.
The suzue hubs can take much more than normal cranks. I don’t think you can assume the hub/bearings to be shot. I’m sure they will be fine.

N.B. that I’ve never seen a Pashley, much less ridden one. I’m waiting for a Hunter frame to arrive at for me…

I think that it is hard to sell a uni depending on where you live. I’m sure I couldn’t get much for my United/Monty trials rig. I think it is hard to sell used bike stuff, too.

I worship Jesus too,
Caleb Penner
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well i am a friend of uni-man-dan and not the seller and if he doesnt buy it i might i am also friends with the seller we all ride together dayly and go to school together there are plentey of unicyclist here something like 15 or so of which the seller is by far the best folowed by me and then one other person then the buyer so you see that it is not that hard to sell a uni becuese there is a large enuff market here so he realy canot haggle which i dont think he wants to do becues he and the seller are good to the muni it seems that the seller does not seem to be able to give all the info i will for him

it costs 250 us

the uni is in good working shape and nothing is damaged as he said earlyer

it will not come with a seat but the buyer has a miyata that he can put on so its not realy a issue

all in all i think it is a good deal i might buy it if he does not but he still insists on geting a second openoen from you guys so will some one just tell him its a good idea so he will be happy? who ever does thank you



It’s a GREAT idea. It’s a bargain. Buy it soon and start enjoying it.

A new Power Pashley with a Miyata seat is $430US, then add $20US for shipping, assuming domestic US. And also assuming no tax if you’re not in the same state as the uni dealer. So for a new uni you’re looking at $450US.

The seller is asking for $250, a discount of 45%, so this is a good thing.

But listen to the advice of others about the hub and bearings. Carl Hoyer, who has had his Pashley for just over a year, recently broke his axle. Now he’s a great rider but a little hard on his equipment. He needed to replace his hub and respoke.

If your friend has done lots of drops the hub will be stressed and the axle will snap, which means you’ll need to get another Suzue hub for $25US add shipping $10US (guess) and get the whole thing respoked $50US (or do it yourself). That’s another $85US. If you want new spokes add an extra $40US. How does your friend ride? Lots of drops, hard MUni riding? Trials stuff?

MUni riding is hard on equipment and riders. Stuff will snap and need to be replaced. You should expect to trash your equipment on a regular basis, just like the bmx and MTB riders.

I’d say to factor in the additional $85US you’ll need to spend to redo the hub, which brings the price up to $335, a 25% discount over new.

You now have to decide whether the 25% discount is worth the wear and tear on the uni.

P.S. You have 15 riders at your high school? That’s amazing.
P.S.S. Also note that the Pashley has a rounded crown and is not as easy to do one footed stuff. The Pashleys will not take a 3.0" wide tire, so if you wanted to buy the Gazz 26x3.0" it won’t fit. The Gazz 26x2.6" is the largest you can go.
P.S.S.S. If the seller is on the newsgroup reading all these comments you won’t be able to bargain with him very much, because he’ll have all the facts you have.

Don_TaiAThayooDOTcoDOTuk, Toronto, Canada

Very practacle, solid advice, Don.

Don’t forget that this is a “bring your own seat” uni- which may make that a 15% discount (although I think your wheel rebuild cost is a bit high- you should be able to have it done for $30 or less, US). So, say %20.

I did the used high-end bike thing once- a Cannondale. Saved myself $300. It looked sweet! Of coarse, that did not help when it broke down 12 miles from home. Or the next 2 times.

Just go in with your eyes open. Assume that the previous owner rode it hard and that repairs will need to be made- you don’t want to have any hard fealings tword the seller. If you can afford a new wheel, get a new one. If not, do what you have to. It would be nice if the price was low enough to make you not care if there was an equipment failure.

Good luck,



and thank you all who responded with out stupidity, to bad we had to muck up the fisrt part yelling at jagur.

anymore* comments are welcome


*none from jagur

Well, I’m the seller:)

My opinions have an obvious bias, but here they are nonetheless.

I am pretty hard on my equipment, but I haven’t been for the whole time I’ve had my Pashley (almost 7 months). I’ve only started doing decently sized drops in the last few months, and nothing bigger than four feet. Also, I roll out my landings, which reduces the stress on the axle.

Now, Carl Hoyer took one year to break the axle on his Pashley. He was also using Kooka cranks, which I would imagine put a lot more stress on the axle than Lascos, which bend like butter.

For various reasons, I’ve never had anything besides cheap alloy cranks on my MUni, which I bend almost immediately. I’ve just been riding with bent cranks.

Dan is still very much in the learning stage with hopping, and I think that the axle should hold up for him until he is good enough to start needing something better anyway.

It is true that I am keeping the seat, but it has a carbon fiber frame, and I don’t think Dan needs that at this point (And I want to keep it anyway:)).

As for the rounded frame, I put a hose clamp on the frame, which provides a secure place to put your foot. There is a piece of rubber between the hose clamp and the frame, so it doesn’t damage the frame, and I haven’t had any problems with my legs hitting it. I’m able to glide on the MUni using it.

The Pashley has been a great unicycle, but I feel I have outgrown it. I’m selling it to help get money for a KH MUni.

You know, this whole post is sort of pointless, as I see Dan daily, but this deal seems to have moved in to the public realm.

Ben Plotkin-Swing

P.S. I would say that there is more like 20 riders at our school, and about 14 unicycles. And it isn’t anything officially supported by the school, they are all privately owned unicycles.

Re: Jagur’s posts
I agree that his use of commas, questions marks, and underscores are annoying. Also, for someone who can’t spell, he shouldn’t say something like

I think that he’s the one who needs to improve his spelling.

good point