USC Riders

I have a friend going to school at USC. I was teaching him to ride over the summer and he has made great progress. I was wondering if any of you are going to USC or live in the area and would like to meet up with him. I haven’t talked to him about it, but I’m sure he would like to meet some riders up there.

While we’re at it, any of you live anywhere near Hawaii? Or maybe planning to visit? I don’t have room in my house to house you, but I’d sure like to meet more riders.


This is sort of strange to be bumping a thread after 3 years…but does your friend still come here? Im a freshman at USC – saw one kid riding across the campus a few weeks ago but haven’t seen him since. Wonder if its the same guy.

Doesnt Jess Reigel(SP?) ride there a lot?

Nope, that’s UCSB.

Oh, just one letter off. =p