USC Blowout Sale!


Some really good deals!

someone should pickup that quax crossfire…i like the price on the nimbus x but im broke now:(

That is an amazing deal on the Nimbus X freestyle uni.

it’s so beautiful.

edit: just noticed, that nimbus hub is 48-holed. didn’t know they made the nimbus ISIS hub in 48 hole.

I hope they start selling 48h Nimbus ISIS hubs. As well as 32h.

When I saw your thread title I assumed it was some kind of a (Spam) College sale. You meant UDC obviously. :roll_eyes:

some pretty nice deals, i just wish that the KH’s were evn cheaper so i could buy one:p

They make it in 36 and 48 hole (but not 32). They only sell it seprarately w/ 36 though.

If you really want one, call them. I bet they’d sell you one separately.

Woah, I might have to consider the Nimbus X Freestyle…

Does anyone know how long this deal will be lasting? If it’s gonna be there for a month I’ll get it most likley but anyone got any dates?

Your best bet would be to call and ask. Unless someone else has called all we know about it is what you see there.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I just ordered my uni!
do you guys think I should call and ask to change my order and stop payment or stick with what I got…I ordered
Kris Holm ISIS Moment Crank & Hub Set 2007
Kris Holm 19-inch Trials Rim 2007
Nimbus Alloy Seatpost (black finish)
Maxxis Creepy Crawler 19 x 2.5 Trials Tire
Kris Holm 13 Gauge Black Spokes for KH Rims & Moment Hub
Kris Holm 19-inch Rimstrip
Kris Holm Fusion Street Gel Yellow
Nimbus II 20-inch Powdercoated Frames Yellow
Snafu Platform Pin Pedals
Pedal Protector Yellow

I migfht want to ge tthe stock kh…

I’d stick with what you have personally.

Ahhhh im pullin my hair out.

how much did you spend on all yur stuff?

Any body else think that it might be worth it to buy one of those 16" trials unis for parts, especially if they let you upgrade to Moments for $50

If shipping and brokerage fees weren’t so expensive (and I didn’t just buy all that stuff from Evan) I would be sorely tempted to get one.

Damn, I wish I hadn’t bought my Nimbus X yet!!! other wise I would have gotten that Nimbus X, mine is cotterless, i bought it before Nimbus switched to ISIS too… Mine was one of the last cotterless that UDC had… right after I bought mine they were removed from the site and the ISIS unis went in stock a few days later…

I got my stuff for 396

Yours is still a very nice freestyle unicycle.
You don’t need ISIS on a true freestyle unicycle unless you’re a big guy doing things that involve jumping (uni spins and hops and things). You’re not a big guy.

Don’t feel too bad. I paid something like $1300+ each for my KH muni and trials. My DM freestyle unicycle was something like $440. Think of all the money I could have saved if I just had held out for the Nimbus X and the KH unicycles available in the blow out sale.

true, but still that’s a really good deal. I still love my Nimbus X even if it isn’t ISIS it works, it just feels like I’m going to break something when I land a unispin or a trick involving hopping. I guess it’s just the fact that I have the tire at a pressure that makes the whole unicycle feel Really solid and I’m just paranoid about it but yeah.

Yes sorry :p:o