USA, Wisconsin, looking for a 36" unicycle

I’m looking to upgrade from a 29", but most new 36ers are much more expensive than my 29", so I’m attempting my first post on this site in hopes that someone’s looking to sell!

New QX 36er-great price

For a great price on a QX36, contact Brian Sciatto.

I bought one from him, my riding friend got one. A lady in KS just ordered one from him. He is a rep for Quax in Michigan, but will work out shipping in the price to you. Contact for a quote. I think you will be pleased and order one!!

What lady in KS?
I’m in KS and looking for others to ride with.

Ok, now I am confused! I got an email and referred someone from KS to Brian. He last told me he gave a 36er quote. Then you said on your wanted post that you ordered a 36er. I put 2 and 2 together–which maybe now doesn’t add up to 4?? I may have mixed up the link in people??? Or maybe there are 2 in Kansas?

I’ve just emailed the man and am eagerly awaiting a reply. Thanks for the recommendation!

I’ve emailed the man and am eagerly awaiting a response. Thanks for the recommendation!


Ok, a GREAT point has been brought up–how do we trust a recommendation online? The insight I offered, is that you can contact me and I will be more than glad to give enough information about who I am, that it hopefully, will make people feel confident enough to trust my recommendation of Brian.

I am the Co-founder of STOMP Munifest, now about to have our 6th festival in Birmingham AL. (Check out our videos on youtube.) I am the Co-founder of the Magic City Muni Club here in Birmingham. I can get anyone interested, all my personal info and contacts. A simple Google search will point to who I am pretty definitively.

I COMPLETELY understand the skepticism that is necessary today while traversing these sometimes murky cyber waters. NO ONE wants to get BIT!!

Anyone interested–Let me know how I can help…Shoot me a PM and we can answer any questions.

How can I put this delicately? Adding posts to every “wanted” thread saying that you know of a great deal looks sketchy.

If you want to impart trust maybe create one “for sale” thread with info (not just “I have great deals available, wink wink nudge nudge”) and leave it at that. Or better yet, just let your friend sell their unicycles via their website.

Maybe it’s just me.

I’m the unicyclist from Kansas that you were emailing. My first name is Kelley, but I’m male. I bought a used KH36 two weeks ago. :slight_smile:

Captain D, are you still looking to buy a 36". I have a stock 2015 Oracle 36" in excellent condition with some scratches here and there. I live 30 miles south of Mackinaw City in Michigan. $650

Oops! I forgot I have to close the thread. I’m very new to this site and am not quite up to speed yet. I’m eagerly awaiting my new unicycle to arrive in the mail, thanks to all that contributed :slight_smile: