USA: Wanted: Used Coker (or Coker parts) (NYC)

I got a buddy short on the kind of funds it takes to buy a new Coker.

Any used Cokers? Or Coker frames? Coker rim/wheelsets of any kind?

I’ve got a mess of 36" parts, enough to put together a Coker, except for an inner tube, and a seat post.

A UDC version of KH seat with a broken metal stiffener. But otherwise in good shape.
A shortened UDC Radial Frame. I had cut down the frame neck. Works fine.
Wheel, stock steel rim,
152mm steel cranks,
plastic pedals,
post clamp,
Coker Tire, less than 20 miles on it. <== This worth ~$62 bucks.

I’ll sell this for $100.00 firm. If you/friend is interested, I’ll take pictures.

If he doesn’t go through with this then I’m definitely interested.

thats a sweet deal for $100… if it wasnt us, it’d be real hard to resist lol

Here’s those pictures. I’m hoping shipping can be avoided, because that would blow the price. I have not checked recently, but I think shipping would add $70 to the cost.

Here are those pictures:

Notice there is no seat post, and no inner tube. Otherwise it’s in good working order, the pic’s make it look new, but it’s not.

I’ll pass it on.

You’re not too far away that he couldn’t even pick it up one day…


I’ve sent you a PM chrashing!

I may have over estimated the shipping cost, I would only charge what it actually cost. I did a UDC query, for shipping a 36" from GA to NY, was only $35.00.

If this changes anything Billy, let me know otherwise I’m gonna start talking with Brian.

PM sent

i’d buy that for $100 and i don’t even need another one.

Im interested too. I’m even closer to you lol.

I got it, sorry guys. :slight_smile:

Did I miss something here? It looked like BTM was going to pass the information about this deal on to his friend that needed a Coker, and even said that his friend was probably close enough to pick up the parts himself… Maybe people read his post wrong? It reads “I’ll pass it on” not “I’ll pass on it”.

Oh wow, that was a disappointing mix up. I’ll be a nice guy and wait for Billy to get back with his friend’s response before I send out the payment. Although I’m a very poor college student who for the past two nights hasn’t been able to sleep due to the excitement of being able to afford a coker.

Billy’s friend, pleeeease say no. cries

Billy, I’ll give you another day or so and if we don’t hear from you I think I’m going to go through with it, let us know whats up.

Thanks Muttin for pointing out the mistake!

Hello BillyTheMountain,
I also had misread that post, and thought I should go head with the sale to Brian. Sorry about this confusion. It’s outstanding that Brian is willing to pass this offer back.


Hey I am Billy the mountains friend and I would like t to buy it. And I I ll PM you with the details.

Well, since I passed up this amazing deal in the spirit of being a nice guy, does any one else want to do the same and help me find an affordable coker or coker parts? Please? :slight_smile: