USA website gets an upgrade

Hi Guys,

We have had a hard few weeks working on the USA website. It has had a major upgrade to the shopping cart… please don’t say you can’t tell!

The site is now 60% faster, it also has a whole pile of new features:

We now take PayPal
New E-Check (just waiting for it to go live)
One page checkout
cleaner product pages with better navigation
New faster Blog and FAQ
New automated “What’s new” page
Gift certificates (coming soon)

and lots more!

If you do have a look at the site and find some things not working, please do email the site. We have a list already for the developers, but have dissmissed them for today (they did a 12 hour day just getting the upgrade done) so things may not change until Monday.



Does this mean that the oracle is here?

At the moment, after I logged in, all I get is a page of errors on the US UDC site. :frowning:

I did get a glance at the site before the error and the 36 Oracle was there, but listed as out of stock.

Glad to hear that the website is making upgrades. I’ll get to check them out once I order the new Oracle 36" early next year after my tax return arrives .

It’s great to see the Oracle line giving KH a run for their money. I wonder if the prices on the KH line will be coming down in the future. The KH 36 would have to drop a good $200 before I would consider it over the Oracle 36 which comes standard with a disk brake and handle.

Any chance you could do me a screen shot and I will pass it on to the developer guys. I tried to check and I have logged in and it let me without a problem. I even tried a fresh log in etc., still not showing any errors. If you are able to get a screenshot you can send it to me at

Thanks for everyones help with this. It is a nightmare getting these things to work first time.


Roger, It worked fine through my phone last night (except I didn’t try the wish list), I thought it was the whole site because I didn’t clear my cache and the error page kept coming up, so that was my error. I tried again today and it only happens (same as last night) when I click on “add to wish list” (Oracle 36) and after I login then then the error page appears. I tried with both Google Chrome and Safari and get the error page, but only if I do the wish list. Sorry. :frowning: Email sent, the site looks awesome, great work :slight_smile:

I also got an error page when clicking on the Wish List on the Oracle 36". Will attach screenshot to an email with additional info. Isn’t Web development fun? :smiley:

Troubles with USA site and OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 Safari 8.0

I’m having trouble with the UnicycleDotCom USA website. No matter what I click, I get the homepage. This does not happen on the other (UK) or any of the other countries sites. It must have something to do with my MacBook running the latest version of Safari 8.0 on OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 because it does not happen on my kid’s Windows machines. I’ve got to get this sorted before the 12 days of Christmas sale! Any suggestions?

Have you tried it with a different browser? Safari is okay, but I have found Chrome to be generally more reliable, and Firefox as well. I have pages for my students that appear to load in Safari, but whole elements fail to render.

I just clicked around in there with Safari 7.1 on Mavericks (iMac, Mid-2011), everything looks fine there. I haven’t yet taken the plunge with Yosemite. All I know is that iOS turned my old iPhone 4s into a snail…

Yes, try Firefox and/or Chrome and you’ll probably get past whatever’s creating that sticking point.

BTW, kudos for finding an existing thread on the subject, rather than making a new one. :slight_smile:

And it looks plain ugly on a normal non-Retina screen, with aliasing on fonts and other parts of the interface that can’t cope with a low resolution screen.

Back on the thread now…
Looks good to me!

Working fine here (I’m from the UK but I tried out the US site), running Linux and Firefox 33.1.1. Try Firefox, free software is better anyway :wink: holds up anti-flame umbrella

I joke, but I had never-ending problems with Safari in college, so it’s left a bad taste in my mouth (Along with the rest of Apple’s desktop stuff)!

The site seems to work OK for me. I’m running Yosemite and Safari 8.0 on a mid-2011 MacBook Air. I agree, however, with the comments regarding things not looking so spiffy on a non-Retina screen.

The cascading drop downs are much better. I never could figure out how to consistently get those things to work. Now it seems they work best if you keep the sprite slightly to the left of the drop down.

The interface is pretty snappy too… Definitely a big improvement.

FYI: they “lost” some accounts so you may have to re-register. It happened to me and Amy said that was the only fix.

I try. Of my 600+ posts, I’d bet that < 10 are new threads.

To follow up, I had to download the Firefox browser. Clearing cookies and history in Safari worked for a while but it wasn’t long before all clicks on the UDC USA site took you back to the “choose your country page” again. I emailed Customer Support to let them know. Firefox is the fix. Back to shopping the Cyber Weekend and 12 days of Christmas sales.