USA Skill Levels

Hi Folks!

I’ve convinced myself that I want to become a level 10 rider. Curious who among us has tested to that level with the USA, or how high you tested before throwing in the towel.

What have your challenges been along the way?

Alternatively, who’s not a bit interested in skill levels?



I applaud your goal. I’m mainly happy I can idle and ride backwards somewhat! Technically I’m a level 1 rider but I can do a lot of skills thru level 4. I haven’t pursued it more because I’m not interested in learning some of the skills, like different mounting techniques.

With that said, I think its great whenever people follow the path and raise their game.

I’m currently Level 6 and never thought I’d be this far along. Having said that I understand there are a lot of riders who just want to do their own thing. Levels are not for everyone but I encourage every rider I’ve taught to pursue the next level since it improves your overall ability to ride with confidence and safety. You can think of it as cross training, skills like one foot riding are considered artistic but I don’t know many times I’ve been out on a trail and lost footing with one of the pedals. At that point one foot riding comes in handy!

I applaud your goal! Level10 will take time but every new skill you master will be one more step in that direction. I’ve tested a lot of riders and have been on the rules committee so if you have any questions feel free to ask.

I would be grateful if someone would explain the levels thing to a newbie. What is the organization that certifies levels of riding? Thanks in advance.

IUF levels are explained here. To me they are just suggestions for getting a very rough idea of what skills to work on next if I’m at a point where nothing springs readily to mind. After learning to idle, it was crystal clear that riding backwards would be next because these two skills are closely connected, but at other times it might not be so obvious.

To those who want to reach level 10: Go for level 11 instead, it’s much better.

Thank you so much!

I prefer these levels from John Foss’s page - I’m level 3 already!

I keep looking at buying new unicycles even though I can’t ride the ones I’ve got very well.

That’s because somewhere there is a magic unicycle that we will get on and ride the way we ride in our heads.

Also because unicycles are very nice. Even when I mysteriously fail to be able to ride them.

I got up to Level 7 not too long after the 10 levels were developed. Then, over a period of years I gradually realized I disliked Hand Wheel Walk enough to not feel the need to go further. I’m not a Level 9 but I played on on TV, in a Skill Levels video made in 1989. :slight_smile:

I think learning all those skills in the different levels is great for anyone who wants to master the unicycle. It’s definitely quite an accomplishment and I am very impressed by those who are able to do it and even those just attempting to do it.
For me personally, it’s not something I am interested in doing. It would take a lot more time than I am willing to invest in learning a lot of skills I would never really care to do again.

For those who did not start out first in artistic/freestyle riding I understand their reticence to follow the IUF skill levels, which were based on artistic riding. Having said that, each skill you learn will help you learn the next even if it is in a different riding category.