USA Rulebook ready for final proofing and approval

Hi all,

The new USA Rulebook draft now contains all the changes made by the Rulebook
Committee last year. Sorry it took so long. Anybody is welcome to download
it and give it a going-over. We need to make sure that all of the passed
proposals of the Rulebook Committee have been implemented accurately and
correctly. A summary of committee results can be found here:

If you find any errors, please report them back to the committee:

You can download either PDF or Microsoft Word versions from my Web site,
until they are posted at the USA site:

USA officers, please be prepared to vote your approvals of this new version.
I would like to give it a few days, to see if anybody finds anything, make
corrections, then call for an approval vote.

Stay on top,
John Foss
President, Unicycling Society of America
President, International Unicycling Federation