USA response to new members

>> BTW, I am the President of the Twin City Unicycle Club (with a membership of
>> 130!!! - and still growing),

>Hey hey hey! Do I sense a little rivalry in your tone here? Sure, I’ll concede
>that your club could probably beat up my club, but we deserve some credit too.
>Harvey Mudd College is a small school (about 625). The 55 members of Gonzo are
>all in a four year age bracket. The number 55 does not include the alumni who
>have unicycled with Gonzo Unicycle Madness since the 60s, only those who are
>here now.

>> and all of our members are also members of the USA. Are yours?

>No. So my club as a whole is getting nothing for $15. Your club is getting
>nothing for $1,950 ! Do you propose we send a VOLUNTEER club all $825 for
>individual memberships before seeing if it is worth it??? Duh!

He has a point. The USA needs a better way to service new members. They should
not have to wait more than one month to receive something after they’ve mailed
in their money.

I hold no officer position in the USA; I’m just a concerned member. USA officers
listening, please take note. If current policy is to hold new membership cards &
other mailed materials until the next issue is mailed, this policy should
change. This is not a new problem, and has persisted since I started to sign up
new USA members through the Long Island Unicyclists. Most of the new members
left hanging out there do not have the benefit of modems and email, and must
wait in a vacuum until they get something in the mail.

I hope this problem will be addressed before, or at, the USA meeting this summer
in Bowling Green.

John Foss, USA member 810 since 1980