USA Officers

Hello all, you may have figured out that there is a few officers of the USA
(Unicycling Society of America) (as well as all the IUF officers) on the
unicycling mailing. Listed here are the positions of the officers so if you have
a questions, comment or suggestion you know who to write to. Even though we are
a group for promoting unicycling in the United States we are very interested in
unicycling elsewhere in the world. Between us three we have been on unicycling
trips around the world.

Steve Cerkovich Secretary Co-Convention Director

As Secretary Steve handles requests about USA. Anybody who mails to the USA and
has questions about membership or is interested if anybody else unicycles in
their vicinity. If you have any questions about USA or if somebody unicycles in
your area email Steve.

Steve is also a co-director of the upcomming National Unciycle Convention (NUC)
held at the end of July in Bowling Green, Ohio. If you have any questions or
suggestions about the upcomming event let Steve know. This year they are
thinking of having the first unicycle triathalon.

Steve is a member of the Wood One Wheelers, a club that has 80+ members. The
club is very active in parades around the midwest as well as doing very well
every year at Nationals. They have some of the better riders in the country.

Constance Cotter Editor of OOW
H:612.788.9137 W:612.430.5748

Connie (my sister) was the former VP so if you are a member of USA take a look
at your registration card for her signature. She is now taking over being editor
of On One Wheel. Her first issue will be out sometime in February. If you have
any articles about unicycling or good pictures of unicycling please contact her.
If you have any suggestions/comments about the magazine please let her know
either by email or voice.

Connie (with many others) is part of the committee on USA skill levels.
Currently the are defining and making minor changes to some of the skill levels.

Connie is the president of the Twin City Unicycle Club, with 100+ members.
Currently the TCUC is the biggest club in the nation. She also was the director
of last year Unicon VII in Minneapolis.

Andy Cotter (me) (Connie and I share accounts) Vice Pres

My job mainly consists of keeping the USA roster up to date. I am currently
switching the roster over to Microsoft Access. I am refining a program I
wrote last summer to handle registration, race and artistic data for this
upcomming NUC.

I am a member of the TCUC. I help Connie with planning and organizing the many
events that we do. Even though I don’t write much to the unicycling group I do
read everything and pass it along to others.

Hope the above info helps. Off to unicycle practice -Andy

Andy Cotter Vice President of Unicycling Society of America
H:(613)785-4082 W:(612)737-2771