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>Dear Unicycling Society of America member, Below are some unicycling updates.
>If you have something that should go out to the USA community, send me an
>email message. Unless stated otherwise, all the updates are written by me,
>Andy Cotter.
>— 1999 National Unicycle Convention Results Online — The 1999 NUC results
>are now on the USA web page at: and click on
>1999 Results link.
>— Unicon X (10th World Unicycling Championship) — In the announcement for
>Unicon X in the last email, I forgot to mention a website about Unicon X. The
>Unicon X website is:

Note – I have not yet updated the website to reflect teh latest changes. I am
now on a trip to the US and it may take me a while before I get to it.

>— Mt. Diablo ‘Unicycle’ Challenge (Written by Gary Kanuch) — Dear fellow
>unicyclist, My name is Gary Kanuch and I am a unicyclist from Sunnyvale, CA.
>I’m writing you to tell you about an event that you might want to participate
>in. The event is a bicycle road hillclimb called The Mt. Diablo Challenge and
> is held in Danville, CA, (East Bay) on SUNDAY OCTOBER 3rd 1999. The ride
> is 10.8 miles and climbs 3249 feet. Its an annual event and is in its
> 18th year. It draws up to 1000 bicyclists from all over the Bay Area and
> beyond. The proceeds of this event benefit the American Lung Association
> of the East Bay. The cost of entry is $35 (before Sept. 24) $40 after.
>Last year was the first year that a person on a unicycle entered the ride.
>That was me. After 9 years of riding a bicycle (highest placing was 3rd), I
>thought it would be fun to ride my 700c (28") unicycle at the event. I’m
>competent on my uni and my aerobic fitness is high, so it really wasn’t that
>difficult for me. I got to the top in 1 hour and 25 minutes.
>The whole event was a blast. The people this ride attracts are very friendly.
>I got a kick out of all the looks I was getting from people before the start.
>A lot of encouragement was offered and I was also bombarded by questions from
>curious bicyclists. It was the closest I’ve ever felt to being a celebrity.
>The ride begins in a mass start with the shot of a pistol. Riding up the
>mountain while being surrounded by bicyclists was just cool. It was like a
>rolling party. People talking, joking, laughing, as we rode in the cool
>morning air. A great part of this ride is that the road is completely closed
>to traffic on the ascent. That alone is worth doing the ride. Bicyclists (and
>now unicyclists) rule the mountain!!! A large variety of riders participate.
>There are racers, mountain bikers, recreational riders and even some young
>kids. Half way up the mountain, there was a school band playing along side
>the road, people handing out water and shouting encouraging words. At the
>top, there was music, refreshments, a raffle, and just a sense of elation. I
>did not try to unicycle down off the hill, and I would not recommend anyone
>trying it.
>It just doesn’t seem like a very safe thing to do, because there are
>bicyclists and cars on the descent. I got a ride back down, and I’m sure there
>would be people to take other unicyclists off of the hill.
>To complete the 10.8 mile ascent, I would suggest you use a 26", 700c, or 28"
>wheeled uni. I guess you could use a 24", but for me, that’s too small. If you
>don’t think you could climb the hill, you can still come out and watch the
>start and check out the expo that will be going on. The starting pistol goes
>off at 8:30 am.
>Want more information or want to see some photos of the event? Check out
> (this is a website I created for the event)
>Helmets are mandatory (and just plain smart). Knee pads and wrist guards are
>at your discretion. Riding a unicycle up a hill does take a pretty experienced
>rider. Dumping a unicycle in front of a bicyclist who’s following behind would
>not be a good thing.
>The organizers of the event are trying to get more unicyclists involved in the
>ride. This year they will be giving out winners jerseys to the first men and
>women unicycle finishers. If you know any other unicyclists that might like to
>participate, please let them know about this event. The more presence we can
>have the better it will be for image of unicycling.
>You can register online at , or call (925) 935-0472 to
>get a brochure and/or check out to see a website about
>the event.
>Thanks for your time. If you have any other questions, please e-mail me
>at, if not I’ll see you out there Sunday October 3rd !
>-Gary Kanuch
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>about your USA membership or your address has changed, you can send me a
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