Ursli bar and Flatfish?

Would it be unwise to put an Ursli bar on a Flatfish?


The Ursli bar needs a standard mount front handle and a strong base.
The Flatfish has both. We think there is no problem to mount the Ursli on it.

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This handlebar seems to be a good alternative for those who would like to keep the comfort of their saddle while taking advantage of the stiffness of the handlesaddle (I haven’t tried it but it looks simple and strong, and I really like my handlesaddles, I have 2 of them). However, I don’t understand this sentence:

Note: if you use the Extension mounted on a traditional saddle the stress transferred from the Extension to the saddle may damage the plastic plate of your saddle. So consider whether it’s safer to mount also the reinforcement base delivered by the producer of the saddle.

Reinforcement plates are included with the purchase of a KH T-bar and never with the purchase of a saddle. Some shops sell the plate separately for 15€.
IMHO, at this price (71€) a reinforcement plate should be provided with the URSLI handlebar…

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Indeed, 71€ for just a u-shaped bar with 4 holes bored seems rather expensive. It’s even 2€ more expensive than the whole Mad4One Handle Saddle Base, which is far more complicated to produce (including far more complex bends, a metal plate, weld-on bolts and welding between the steel tube and the plate).


mad4one doesn’t sell the original Ursli bar, but a similar one. We don’t sell the Ursli bar anymore. our price was 55 and 65 euro (short and long) version. and it’s not that easy, like you think. not easy to bend aluminium more then 180 degrees (with this small radius), the ends with the holes need wood pieces in it, and we also had several prototypes (development costs) and tests and of course you wanna earn a little.
if it’s that easy why didn’t build you one before?

Our bar was all made in switzerland (handmade), i guess the mad4one handle saddle base is made in asia…

story about the ursli bar and a qu-ax saddle without a reinforcement plate:
Last week we rode one week hardcore muni in the swiss alps. Flo and me with the ursli bar (long version) me with a kh one (old flat saddle) and Flo on his freewheel with a qu-ax standard saddle. Flo broke his (reinforced) qu-ax seatpost

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