URGENT! UK Juggler missing!

I know this is not about unicycling but this is very important and I know a lot of people from the juggling circle read here.

Tim, a regular at Aylesbury juggling club has gone missing. He is a very friendly man, always keen to help people learn new things and very enthusiastic. He is normally seen wearing a hat and clown shoes of some description. Everybody at Aylesbury is very worried.

Here is a picture of Tim, although is not often you see him dressed like this.

If anybody knows anything of his whereabouts, or if you see him, could you please ask him to call Mark on 07816 425805 or make the call for him.

Thank you,


Coz this is important!

Just putting this to the top of the page again.

He was last seen at Stanstead. He has no passport though, so he cannot leave the country.

Maybe you should try friends or family, if there is no luck there, I think it may be a matter for the police.

I hope he turns up somewhere. He looks friendly.

So it’s been a few more days now, and we cannot stand the suspense.

What’s the latest? Is he OK?

There was a post to the UK jugglers mailing list about a week ago saying:
“Had a call from the Police this morning to say he was last seen in
the vacinity of Stansted, but he doesn’t have a passport, so if
you’re in an airport town please look at the pic provided by Dave and
keep an eye on your local buskers!”

There’s been no news posted since then to either rec.juggling or uk_jugglers.

Spoke to my Dad yesterday and Tim is still missing!

No more news on him either


I hope he shows up really soon, have you heard any news?

An update has been posted to rec.juggling:
I just found out that Tim has been found in the Shetlands and taken to hospital. I don’t know his condition, I’m afraid, but he has been found and I want to thank everyone for their ongoing support.”

I was just thinking about this not an hour ago. I’m glad he is okay.

I can’t wait to find out how he is doing, but I am just really glad he showed up!

I know people here are interested, so I’ll repost what’s just appeared on the uk_jugglers mailing list:

"Firstly, thanks to all of you who have been asking after Tim - I’m sure
once he’s back with us he’ll really appreciate all the support he’s got
out there!

"Tim’s up in Aberdeen at the mo and he’s physically fine so with a bit
of luck, once they get his medication right he’ll be back with us. I
doubt he’ll be with us for Crawley, but if London is on in October you
never know.

“Cheers everyone (and large tip of the hat to all in Nottingham -
cracking convention)”


It’s nice to know he’ll be OK!

Thank you.