(urgent) price for new 36" in USA?

For some reason, UDC is effectively so down that it crashes the browser to attempt to go there in this computer lab, and I need to make a decision in the next few minutes re: ship or repurchase.
How much does a 36" uni cost new in the United States?

Hey JusticeZero why do you want a 36er from the U.S for?? When you get 1 here in Oz. :thinking: :thinking:

But anyways. BTW those are U.S prices. :smiley:
Nimbus 36-inch Deluxe Unicycle

Nimbus 36-inch Unicycle

Radial 36-inch Deluxe

If you want, i can do a price conversion 4 you. :smiley:

Because I just finished classes… and I just learned that i’m getting on a plane to Alaska on Tuesday… and I need to either put it in the box and take it to the post office and mail it to myself - at a probably painful price - or try to see if someone will give me some money for it over the weekend here, and buy a new one when I get there.
Also, don’t give me links, anything at UDC causes both MSIE and Firefox to crash completely in this screwed up computer lab for gods only knows what reason today.

Oh ok that makes sense and sorry about that. :smiley: :smiley:

Well the
Nimbus 36-inch Deluxe Unicycle is

Nimbus 36-inch Unicycle

Radial 36-inch Deluxe

Again that is U.S prices. Enjoy the trip too also. :smiley: :smiley:

Know anyone in the Melbourne area who wants a 24" learner uni in good condition with good 126mm cranks? I’ll sell for cheap.

Have you put it in the trading post of this forum??? :smiley: If not, not really unless you ask those who are on these forums but also live in the Melbourne region.

Cheapest 36 in the US

Is the radial 360 for 339$. UDC and this other site I found have them at that price. This place will ship free, worth something on that big box.

Coming to Alaska? Great…we have awesome trails!

Yeah, one of my friends was moving from Indiana USA to Japan and his price to ship is radial 360 was almost as much as a new unicycle :confused: