URGENT: Looking for June US Event

Hi All,

The NY office of Fuji TV, a major network TV station in Japan, has just called
me that they need help in finding a unicycling eventfor a program “Gakko dewa
oshiete kurenai koto” (“What they don’t teach me in school”). They want to bring
along a reporter who will attempt to ride in a US competition or event.

I suggested NUM in end of July, but they insist mid-Jun to end of June. Is there
a unicycling event in the US during that period (I don’t have my copy of OOW
here, so don’t start shouting “read!”). If there isn’t such an event, I
suggested we organize one, perhaps by the Twini City Unicycle Club. I imagine
that a small gathering of unicyclists would
do. Andy and Connie, any possibility?

If this works out, I may join the team to help with communication and

In another development, one of the most popular TV shows in Japan, “Naruhodo the
World”, may send a crew to the NUM in end-July and film a Japanese junior high
girl competing. I’ll provide details as soon as I know them.

In the meantime, please contact me as soon as possisble with information on a
June event.

Stay on top, Jack Halpern IUF Vice President