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>Jack wrote:
>> If I undertstand the rules correctly, the only choice a rider over 10 has is
>> to race together with the 24" wheels. This is of course to their great
>> disavantage.
>Yeah, it will be a disadvantage for them, but if they are serious about racing
>they will use a 24" instead. I don’t think adding another age

Most of them don’t have 24" unis and have never ridden them. They are mostly
girls (the number of boys dropped dramatically in Japan) and that is what they
are used to.

I had some more talks with the club leaders and it turns out that iof categories
are not added for many riders the following will happen:

  1. They will not participate in the races
  2. They will not attend Unicon X, esp. if racing is their main thing and they
    are not involved in artistic.

This would be very unfortunate indeed. Since the organizer has the power to add
groups as necessary, I believe it is justified under the circumstances and would
appreciate support.

>group would be a good idea as the only racers in that category would probably
>be from Japan and this could add more heats that would be taking up more time.
>> I understand that the organizer may add racing categories.
>> *Maximum 20" wheel, ages 0-14
>If another one was added, this one would probably be best: *Maximum 20" wheel,
>ages 11-13
>Are Japanese kids that much smaller that they aren’t big enough for a 24"
>wheel? Here, it is common for kids under 10 to sometimes opt to ride a 24"
>unicycle in racing even though they’d be racing against against older
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