URGENT - Hockey players needed for tournament this Saturday, 10th Nov, Liverpool, UK

This Saturday, 10th November, the DUC are hosting a rather large hockey tournament in Liverpool, UK.

There will be 10 teams in the tournament, with all teams playing each other, while making use of two halls adjacent to each other.

Unfortunately, the Huha’s (one of the top teams) have had to drop out. All the fixtures and arrangements revolve around 10 teams taking part, so we’ll be looking to make up the numbers with a scratch team.

If you’re interested in playing for the scratch team in this tournament, then please PM me as soon as possible. There will be no cost for the players of the scratch team as that team place has already been paid for.

Full details of the tournament can be found here.

Steve & Stu

Hi Steve,

I’ll see if we’ve got any spares. We should be bringing more than 5 players, so we might be able to contribute to a scratch team.


Thanks Paul. I’ll keep you informed on how we’re doing with the scratch team.
See you saturday.


Hi Steve, Southampton are bringing 6, so we’ll have 1 spare to play in scratch if needs be.


Thanks for that Loose. It’s looking good for a scratch team at the moment. I’ll be in touch soon.



How many people do you still need? The 6th southampton player might be needed by us as a couple of us arent fully recovered from illness so might not be able to play the whole time, but I can email the rest of the group and see if anyone can come purely for the scratch team, I just need to know that they will definately be needed as it’s a very long way to go if they’re not.

Thanks Annaats. I’ll have a better idea this evening, so I’ll PM you then and let you know.

Hi, noone is able to make it so far, hopefully someone will find their email today and be able to come.