URGENT HELP NEEDED: Unicycle repair in NYC

So it finally happened, after 6-7 years, my Suzue hub snapped off. I’m thinking of getting a new Nimbus cotterless hub from UDC (no money for ISIS+new cranks, bearings etc) but I don’t know if there are any shops in NYC that can spoke and true a unicycle wheel. I heard that bicycle stands for truing don’t work with unicycles.

I’m flummoxed.

Or should I just get a new unicycle from unicyclist.com or UDC? I dunno.

Btw: It’s urgent because I need to get a replacement in time for an event by next week.

I don’t see why a bike shop can’t build a uni wheel it’s the same as a front bike wheel basically. As for truing stand you can get a thingymabobby from UDC that adapts a trying stand for a unicycle wheel. Trying is easy too I muck my bike wheels up all the time so I’ve had lots of practice :stuck_out_tongue:

This is it on the UK site. I assume you can get one over in nyc too



You don’t need a truing stand to build a unicycle wheel. I have a truing stand, but rather than buy something extra, I just used the unicycle frame and secured a small metal ruler to the frame with a rubber band so I could check to see that I was centering it and getting it true. It worked great for building the wheel.

Some LBS don’t like unicycles, feel uncomfortable with them.

If you still want to take it to a shop that does good work on uni, send me a PM.

Are you in Brooklyn?