Urgent help needed, Nottingham

Is there anyone from Nottingham who may be able to take my poor wounded KH24 to Roger at BUC so he can kindly replace the rim for me?

I need to get it to someone tonight, or early Thursday evening or possibly Friday afternoon. Not easy, I know. The alternative is for me to faff about trying to package and post it.

Please PM me.



I know this isn’t of immedaite help but when this happened to me I stripped the wheel to just the spokes and hub and posted them to roger, he sent back a built wheel and refunded me more than the cost of posting it to him.

Mike, I am not in Nottingham but I am not far away (Leicester)

If you can get the uni to me before 5:30 on friday I will be able to get it to BUC or I might even be able to meet you somewhere convenient on my way up there friday evening.

I’ll send you a PM with my mobile number so you can get in touch


All sorted. An arrangement has been made.

Thanks to those who responded.


I didn’t respond. Obviously because I think you should be coming to BUC yourself. I guess it’s not everyone’s cup of tea though.

I don’t deliberately avoid uni events, I’m just usually too busy. Fridays’ mother’s birthday; Saturday is my only unbooked day, although I’ll spend at least part of it out on the motorbike; Sunday I’ll be dancing most of the day at the opening of our new old market square; Monday, I’ll dancing at an event to celebrate the day named after a Turkish born Roman soldier who was canonized by the Eastern Orthodox Church, but downgraded by the Pope from “patron saint” to “protector”, and who is the patron saint of Portugal, Georgia, Montenegro and Canada.

I hope those who go to BUC have a great time.

By not coming, of course, I maintain my air of mystique, and can still pretend to be a reasonably good rider…:wink: