urgent * Gonna get a KH 20 Trials or nimbus trial. What cranks size? 127mm or 135mm?

Its on sale on udc and my torker aint gonna cut it anymore.
what crank size am i to get. the 127mm or 135mm? what are the differences???

and in case i opt to be cheaper and get the nimbus trials,
also nimbus gel seat or kh street

haha also should i save money and get the nimbus trials for 350 (upgraded crank and seat) or the KH for 440?

thanks guys

Depends if you want to go right to the top or just a step up from your Torker. I generally suggest Nimbus to people who are looking for their first good unicycle but since you already have one and want to upgrade you might as well jump right to the top.

Different people like different crank lengths. 127 is shortish for hopping but definitely usable. The slightly shorter cranks will be better for cruising around or getting some speed for a rolling hop.

I really like 137mm cranks on my trials. They just feel “right” when hopping but are a bit long for practicing some other skills.

for the KH, the standard seems to be the 135mm.
but for the Nimbus its 127mm.

I guess im gonna go with the 127mm unless anyone gives me more information about the difference sizes!

got my question after skilfully searching past threads. will be getting the 135’s because they have better control and also have enough for speed.

get the kh for 440, because that’s a really good deal. it’s usually 580. so it’ll only be $90 more than a nimbus.

i got the KH and kh leg armor for 504.
lets do it!!!