URGENT: Fuji TV to film unicycling

Hi Connie, John and Ken,

I’m not sure if you’ve been getting my messages about Fuji TV filming unis in
the US, because my mail system has broken down for a while. I am sending the
message again, specifically addressed to the three of you, with the hope of
getting a quick response.

Below is a copy og my May 17 message. Thanks for yur help.

Stay on top, Jack Halpern, IUF Vice President

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Subject: URGENT: Looking for June US Event

Hi All,

The NY office of Fuji TV, a major network TV station in Japan, has just called
me that they need help in finding a unicycling eventfor a program “Gakko dewa
oshiete kurenai koto” (“What they don’t teach me in school”). They want to bring
along a reporter who will attempt to ride in a US competition or event.

I suggested NUM in end of July, but they insist mid-Jun to end of June. Is there
a unicycling event in the US during that period (I don’t have my copy of OOW
here, so don’t start shouting “read!”). If there isn’t such an event, I
suggested we organize one, perhaps by the Twini City Unicycle Club. I imagine
that a small gathering of unicyclists would
do. Andy and Connie, any possibility?

If this works out, I may join the team to help with communication and

In another development, one of the most popular TV shows in Japan, “Naruhodo the
World”, may send a crew to the NUM in end-July and film a Japanese junior high
girl competing. I’ll provide details as soon as I know them.

In the meantime, please contact me as soon as possisble with information on a
June event.

Stay on top, Jack Halpern IUF Vice President

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