URGENT: Austrian Unicyclists need YOUR help!

Hi People!

The Austrian (Austria, Europe. Not Australia, Australia) Unicyclists competed at an extreme-sport movie contest and made it into the pre-finals! The winners of the pre-finals are elected via an online-voting system. Everybody can vote (once every 24 hours), and that’s why we need your help:

Please, guys, vote for us.
How do you vote?

Like this:
go to http://www.flickstyle.at/voting.php

click on ‘Film B’
click on ‘abstimmen’
That’s it. Do it as many times as you can if you want to support us (don’t forget: only possible every 24 hours). The voting ends in exactly one Week (November 17th). We get no money for winning the contest, but we will be shown in every cinema of Austria in a commercial, if we make it. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Thanks in advance for your support. You can make us win!


Will do. I just voted now. Hope you guys win it!

I voted.
Cool tricks I hope they win.

nice one. in the lead! the guy from film A will probs be dead by the time that voting is over . . .

I just voted to.

Maybe you could put a link here to a high quality version of your vid. I already saw it and it’s great.


High Quality Vid can be found on: http://homepage.univie.ac.at/wolfgang.hennerbichler/

pick union_trailer.mpg for a slower connection, and the highQual… for a faster connection.

Thans for your support, Guys. We need you, we count on you!

Just voted for ya. Good luck!!

Remember to vote every day if you can!

Thanks and good luck to those Austrians…


Nice video! You’re winning by a few hundred votes

I don’t know, I think I like video C better…just kidding. That is really awesome. I also liked the seat drag to seat push, never seen that before. You’ve gotten really good Wogri (not that you weren’t before). Is that a Ray’s MTB t-shirt I see?

I’ll get every computer at the VCU library to vote.

heh, frank :slight_smile:
I’ve heard you don’t come along with neon lights very well?

You’ve seen right. I wear the HOW and Ray’s MTB shirt often, 'cause not many people have them in europe :slight_smile:
Though: The HOW-Shirt tends to loose all kinds of material. Nevertheless, the logo on the back is clearly visible. I wore it at a show we had to perform in Vienna. People liked it a lot!

Let the VCU library vote so that their internet connection starts smokin!
Thanks a lot to everyone (and of course to you, frank, for your praise)!


that movie had some pretty slick stuff in it! the seat drag to seat push was good. i’ve never seen that done before. good idea telling the unicyclist community!

hehe, yeah, was a great idea telling us, because of course we will mostly all vote for you guys anyway :stuck_out_tongue: I loved it. I thought it was awesome! I voted for you.

Really quality video, lots of nice riding. I voted.

Nice video. You’re about 400 votes ahead now.
Are you ready for your silver screen debut?
What’s the advert for which you’ll be featured in?

I really liked yours and to be honest I didnt think the others even stood a chance, a was kinda boring and I didn’t like how pretty much only rich people can do that sport and the third one was just kind of a video of some guy being a turd. it was truly better and you are 412 votes ahead.

What was the first video of? I watched the 2nd and 3rd ones then got distracted by something else.


Great video! What you do really stands out in comparison to the other two videos. The skydiving video was all right, but the other was just some idiot risking his life for no reason. Unicycling like you do obviously requires far more skill and practice than the activites featured in the other videos.

That seatdrag to seatpush (is that even the right term?) was great man… I’ve never seen that done before :slight_smile: