Urgent appeal to UK Unicyclists. Please Read!

Dear UK Unicyclists,

In my spare time in the summer, I fly over to Ireland and do some work for the ‘The Sunshine Fund’. The charity provides holidays to disadvantaged children, who have been nominated; often from poor areas around Dublin. Volunteers look after a dormitory of children for a week at a time and among other things, organise activities during the day.

Although I planned to go in August, with my exams finished and University not starting till September, I thought id phone to see if they were short in the near future. It turns out they want me to start this Saturday.

I will be taking my unicycle so I can demonstrate and teach the willing as an activity. Although unicycling wont solve any great problems for anyone, these kids are seriously in need of whatever ‘leg up’ people can give them. I think a keen child could learn the basics in a week and although it will be a slight diversion for some, I think those who find a passion and want to carry it on, could find the hobby a valuable source of escapism in their lives, as a lot of us have in ours.

The problem is, my uni is 24” with a Gazzalodi tyre, which is obviously far too big for 7-11 year olds. I’m appealing at short notice for anyone who can loan a 20” or smaller unicycle for a week. I don’t want to take anyone’s pride and joy… although Ill take good care, scrapes and scratches may not be avoidable. I don’t mind paying to borrow one if necessary.

I’m taking the ferry from Liverpool on Saturday, so anyone from that region would be most convenient. However I can make the trip to most places to pick up on Thursday or Friday.

The Charity the children and I would be very grateful to anyone that could help.

Thank you for your time,

Tim Broome.

I’ve got a 20"-er you can use, it’s got a damaged crank thread which leaves one of the pedals slightly loose and at a bit of an angle, but it’s definately rideable.
I’m in Sheffield, if you can pick it up and return it to there then you’re welcome to lend it. (I’ll e-mail you my phone no. as that’s probably the best way to get in touch)
If Sheffields out of your range and no one nearer has got a spare 20", have you thought about cutting down a seat post and putting it on the 24", some of the taller kids may be able to use that.

Almost any other weekend I’d have said yes, but this weekend is Thaxted - the biggest show of the year, and I’ll be on the 20.

My other 20 is in Boston, Lincs, where my mother is studiously avoiding learning to ride it. It’s worth less than the petrol to get there.

Hope it goes well, though.

Thanks Mike and Dave. Im afraid my Newcastle to Sheffield is a 180 mile+ round trip and not exactly enroute to Liverpool (Newcastle underlyme is near Stoke in the midlands) Grateful for the offer tho. Im still concidering the trip tomorow.

Ideally i’d borrow or hire one from somewhere between Liverpool and Newcastle under lyme. Or in Dublin of course. I appeal to anyone in those regions.

I need to make a trip to Newcastle on Tyne at some point (so many newcastle’s… v confusing!) because im doing computer science there in september and i want to look at the accomodation anyway. So i could integrate a trip up there. Ive got friends in Manchester, so a trip there wouldnt be to painful either.

Really I’m in no position to be picky. Any offer would be appreciated.

Thanks again,


Re: Urgent appeal to UK Unicyclists. Please Read!

Hi Tim,

I have a 14", 216" and 220" unicycles you are welcome to borrow. I
used to do some of these type holidays. Great fun!
My telephone no is 0121-414-0094 (I’m in Birmingham)

Circus Kevin


Thanks Kevin… that sounds great.

Its a bit late now, but ill certainly contact you in the morning if thats ok.

Cheers :slight_smile: