Urban trials + Muni video clip compilation

Last week Joe came to stop with us and I’ve put together the video clips they (Will, Joe and Paul) took and uploaded it to the gallery. The footage is from a cheap digital camera so don’t expect high quality imagery. It’s XviD compressed to 14.8 MB with no fancy editing and was mainly put together with Virtualdub.


The urban trials stuff is in Nottingham city centre and the Muni stuff was in Bramcote woods. I’ve enjoyed watching what they get up to when I’m busy working, grrr. (Actually I was there for some of the Muni)


Nice video.

I like the grinds especially.

Hey Gary,

Thanks for having me, it was great!

Bad news though, I cant view the video! The soundtrack players, but no video. Am I needing to download XviD?



It was a pleasure having you stop and gave me an incentive to decorate the spare room :wink:

You will need a compatible codec to play it. You can download XviD from here and install it or you could download FFDShow from here and install that which will enable playing of XviD’s plus loads of other codec formats too (I like FFDShow for playback).

Great video, some great riding in there and it looked like a lot of fun.


Grinds always really impress me, probably because I can’t do them, but they looked really nice neway :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked the video. Good riding, but the music was a little trippy…but good riding. I liked how the green unicycle had a bent seatpost, I deal with that a lot.

Don’t stop riding, baby!


I don’t like choosing the music as what I mainly listen to doesn’t go with unicycle videos. I heard that track on the radio and just thought that’ll do. Now I think it goes quite well and I wouldn’t call it trippy – anyway what is trippy nowadays?

For the DVD we’re planning we’re hoping to get Paul to do the music specifically for it (need to organise recording). As well as being a good unicyclist he’s a damn fine all round musician and particular good on drums which he plays in a band and sessions with (makes me sick as I can’t play anything).

Thanks for the comments I’ll pass them on.

Re: Urban trials + Muni video clip compilation

Cool video. It’s good to see a video with places I recognise.

Did Joe try the really long grind at the castle, along the not so steep rail that goes next to the road? People do that on rollerblades and it looks really insane.


ps. I’m going to be back on the unicycle hopefully next week and from the 18th August I’m free as a free thing so I’ll be catching up with the riding I’ve missed.

Re: Re: Urban trials + Muni video clip compilation

I don’t think he did try that grind but I’m not sure as although I was in the city centre at the time I wasn’t with them nor was I riding and not because I’d ruin there street cred or anything – would I?

Great to here you’ll soon be back on the wheel but do take it careful as we all know your enthusiasm for taking it just that little bit further :wink: