Urban trials meetup in Houston

I’ve started riding with a handful of guys who ride bike trials downtown. It is quite fun pushing myself to clear gaps and drops that some of them can’t do on their bikes. If anyone wants to join, post up and I’ll give you details. I’ll post up a few pictures/videos once I’m done going through them.

A short intro for myself: I’ve been riding on and off since I was 13. After wearing out whatever cheap 20" my parents bought me, I got a 20"DX, and have since added a 24" LX, and a 36er that I pieced together from various companies. Riding with the bikers has reignited my passion for unicycling and trials.

I am here in the South Houston area, and I ride with one other unicyclist, but it’s real limited where we can ride…always looking for another person to ride with…I’ve got a 24", 36" and a 5" giraffe…

I live in houston on the northside. I will not be back until the summer though(June) I have a KO 19" trials, KH 24", KH 29", coker 36er and a Giraffe.