Urban_reload (movie)

Here is a movie my frind and i maid, enjoy

it’s a GINORMOUS file! i’m not going to even bother. if you make it a smaller size, pm me.

Good work

Pretty nice. I liked the one fountain thing. It looked like a lot of fun.

Uhm, sorry, but I’d hardly call a 54MB file ‘ginormous’. It took me all of, oh, two minutes to download. If you’re still on dialup, I’d consider switching to broadband. You’re just not on the internet if you’re not on broadband.

That was a really nice movie. How old is John? All of the riding was good. The lyrics eh, not so good haha. Good song but some of the words well…haha. I ain’t going to try and edit other people. DOn’t worry about it. Nicely edited too.


John-Erik is 13 years old, same as me :), why wondering? =)

Ha well yall both looked young and were both really good. Yall are going to be studs by the time your in later teens. HEHE. KH.