Urban Polaris in Canberra, November

I haven’t seen anything here regarding the upcoming (Sunday Nov 17th)
Urban Polaris to be held in Canberra soon. I know that there should be
a few Canberra teams competing and have heard rumours of a couple of
Sydney teams.

Hopefully we may even have a Melbourne team come up!
Just hoping to stir up some interest in what should be a great day.


Re: Urban Polaris in Canberra, November

Gabe and I are thinking of doing it, but we didn’t know if anyone else was.
We seriously doubted the prospest of any real competition from other
unicyclists, especially since I finished my 28" lightweight speed

Re: Re: Urban Polaris in Canberra, November

Pictures, please.

I know a few other riders from Brisbane who might be interested. What’s Urban Polaris?

Re: Urban Polaris in Canberra, November

Check out:

Urban Polaris is a 7 hour, single day mountain cycling event. For the
last few years it has been run in Sydney, but is moving to Canberra
this year. As I understand, it’s essentially an orienteering event,
crossing urban areas and off-road areas. In Canberra, this will be
very easy to do, since some of the best offroad tracks are right next
to large suburbs and easy cycling (well, on a bike at least) distance
from the centre of the “city”[1].

From speaking to people yesterday, Canberra will be fielding 2
unicycle teams of 2 people. We may have an additional person, so
because it’s meant to be a pairs competition, we may have to ride as a

As for competition, we’ll be going reasonably hard, but plan on having
fun (i.e. being able to walk the next day). Also, the 4-5 riders
competing from Canberra are all on 24" unis, so we won’t be breaking
any major speed records. Since I snapped my axle yesterday I’m not
sure what I’ll be riding.

Depending on if I move to a new house in the next two weeks, I may be
able to offer accomodation to 1 or 2 people.


[1] Those who know Canberra will understand the use of “”.

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> I know a few other riders from Brisbane who might be interested. What’s
> Urban Polaris?
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