Urban Orange released! (pics)

The pictures suck, but they’ll have to hold you over for now.

Code name: Urban Orange

chopped 300mm powdercoated high gloss black Miyata seatpost with Wallis carbon fiber front and rear handles, carbon fiber base, and black Roach cover
26" nII frame powdercoated translucent orange over chrome
160mm black Profile cranks, and black hub
black DT champion 14/15ga spokes with black nipples
24" Alex DX32 black rim, Dyno Fireball tire, Nokian downhill tube.

Sweet color choice

ha! sounds like the bike company "Orange "( http://www.orangebikes.co.uk/main/main.shtm ) is copying echo’s (another bike co.) urban ( http://www.echobike.com/frame-index1.htm ) :smiley:

Very nice! So what’s urban riding? Is it stairs and ledges and so on?



Glad to see you’re back at making cool rides. You’ve made some beautiful stuff. Thanks for the pics.

My idea of urban riding is going from point A to point B in a city like enviorment. During this commuting process you use your entire distance from point A to point B as a gigantic trials course. It’s amazing what you can find to ride around cities… ledges, stairs, tables, benches, alligators, flower beds, etc…

how are you liking the those snafu pedals?

It’s a nice pedal for riding. Currently I’m have some trouble with it. The pedal body has seperated itself from the axle some, and they wobble a bit. I imagine it’s just an o-ring, but I haven’t taken the time to play with them. My first set worked wonderful, this is my second. The problem has only occured on this second set.

so they’re the sealed variant?