Urban/Natural Trials Video

Hey guys, this is my first time posting/being on the forum in quite some time. I hardly rode all school year, and really only got back into frequently riding by the beginning of May, but I figured I was due to make a video.

The video was shot in just 2 non-consecutive days (1 day of urban, and 1 day of mainly natural with a bit of urban) and filmed entirely by my friend James. It is just under 4 minutes long, but I think it’s a pretty fun video.

Music is: King Crimson - Model Man

Enjoy and feedback.

Wow!!! I love it! Good balance and great static hops. I like you had some big gaps without even using a pedal grab. Good overall vid, although next time put some skinnies in there.

Really cool vid, you have some nice hops!

Very nice static sidehop, how high is it roughly?
very nice video, the song was perfect, nice and chilled.

Nice to see you’re still riding. I love your style, you’re super clean.

What frame was it?

Next time for sure, for the mean time, they remain my nemesis

About 90cm

Koxx one Black Domina, it is a nice frame for the long neck, but they crown hits my knees a lot. I like it a lot.

Thanks for all the comments guys, I’m very happy to see all the feedback.

Is the whole uni K1?

Wow, Nice video, I loved all the lines, some pretty big gaps, awesomely clean sidehops. It’s gonna be a hard competition at OUI 2010;)

The frame, seat and cranks are Koxx one, the rest is Tryall and Odyssey

Ha yeah, Max tells me your the guy to watch out for. See you tomorrow.