Urban Assault anyone? (New Toy)

Here’s my new Uni… Just put the Hookworm on last night… Makes a big difference over the stock knobbie. (at least for learning). This will make the third “cycle” that I have Hookworms on… I love these things!

My primary vehicle (also on Hookworms)

I love that bike!!! Can you fit your unicycle on the back? Oh and what size wheel do you have on your uni?

What the heck is a hookworm?

Its the tire on his bike and uni. Maxxis Hookworm tire .

Hookworms roll :smiley:


It’s also a parasitic worm that lives in the intestine.

EDIT: A dx with a hookworm? Cool.
Doesn’t riding that involves that tire usually require shorter cranks though?
I dunno its sorta a hybrid.

What do you need front panniers racks for on an xtracycle? That would have to be some incredibly heavy touring.

And pretty heavy duty road riding on the uni, too.

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he rides big street(might be implied in thread title, again, dunno)

Yeah, heavy touring is pretty much how I roll… I weigh 325, so I’m not super picky about weight on the Xtracycle… Origionally, I had only the stock rear rack on the Safari, but soon swapped my Xtracycle kit over.

The Hookworm Tires are great because they have a super tough/stiff single ply casing that holds it’s shape very well. The surface of the tire is also textured with very small little “pyramid” shapes; that seem to stick to any surface rediculously well…
If there is anyone looking for a great street tire, this is it! The size is 24x2.5 . The stock tire on the dx was a 2.6, so there is not very radical change in tire size overall…

That’s what I thought. I was wondering why he wanted one on his bike and uni.

An Urban Assault got me a New Toy

So I’ve learned to search the forum before I start a thread on a subject that’s already been discussed. To my surprise, my initial findings showed me that someone had an exact experience as me…and then I read the thread.

So my story is this: I was riding along on the sidewalk in my town, and a car with three guys in it drove by. On their way past, one of them hurled this little guy at me. This is my first incident to report of outright aggression against me as a unicyclist.


how is it working for you is it worth doing and how is traction

Based on the looks of the tire, the price ($15 on amazon), and 10ring’s comment about making it easier to learn, I ordered one a few days ago and it just arrived today.

I just installed it on my Torker LX and pumped it up to 90psi. The tire says the range is 85-110. Went for a ride in the kitchen for a minute and I do like it better than the original tire. Not sure about traction, but it does seem easier to start rolling from dead stopped and turns a bit easier. Since I’ve only been learning to ride for a week, this works good for me.

I want one on my dx

I’ve got one of these tires in my garage. All I need is a 24" uni to go with it, and then I’ll be riding a slick street machine.

What’s the deal with that 2 wheeled uni you have there? Looks like something you’d see in the circus! :sunglasses: