Upstate NY Uni race

OK -this isn’t a big deal, but NYC is only 2 1/2 hours so I figured I post this.

There’s a cyclocross race in Colonie, NY (just west of Albany) Sunday Oct 23. There’s a one-lap uni race w/$5 entry fee at 2:30 PM.

I’d prefer not to be the only rider in this race, but then again I’d win all the loot (?)

So NYC, Saratoga, Ithaca, Poughkeepsie? Let’s go!!

Hey cool! I promise not to win, but would be fun. I’m going to shoot for it. Thanks for the heads up.

I’ll look forward to seeing ya.


I noticed bikereg list the unicycle race as ‘closed’. I sent a note Eric there, but have not heard back. Is the unicycle race still on?


I asked about this, and Eric said it’s still on, just not “official” anymore, whatever that means.

He said to bring other unicyclists, so I guess just come on up. BTW, I bet he’ll return your message pretty soon, as he seems like a good guy that way.

Hello Steveyo, Still on. This great news, I still have my sights on making the race.

Do you think this is a Coker or or 24" Muni track? (I’m planning to bring both).

I’ve heard it’s fairly technical, and it’s only one lap, so it’s short, too. I’m going to ride my KH29, but I’ll probably bring my Torker DX20 just to fool around on and let people try.

Oh yeah, note that the uni race time is now 1:15 PM and NOT 2:30PM!

Oh yeah, one more thing - I’d be totally up for a couple extra laps after the actual race!

Since it is cyclocross i asume it’s more of a coker/29er track… <- they sure are fast…

Next weekend is the race!

What does ‘fairly technical’ mean? Hills, tight turns, and obstacles?

Only description I’ve seen is: ‘Roughly 2 mile loop with mix of trail, pavement, grass, one set of man-made barriers, and a wide grassy finish.’ What kind of barriers?

I’m still waffling which uni:

  1. Nimbus 24 Muni would be good for hills, grass and dirt. Two miles would be a long way to try to go fast on a 24". 150mm cranks. I’d be slow but this is my best bet to ride over most of the terrain.

  2. 28" Sun with 150mm cranks. This is good for speed and light weight. Has possibilities, but haven’t been riding it off the street much.

  3. Coker, good on pavement, dirt and grass, but anything technical will throw me. I’d have a hard time mounting on rough ground under pressure.

Now my thoughts are to bring the 28" Sun and 24" Muni.

Steveyo, The KH29 sounds perfect.

I’ve never seen the course, but I’d lean toward a fatter tire, eg your Muni, as it could be muddy.

Chrashing -

Would you be up for a post-ride beer at my house? It’s sort of on your way home.

PM me if you wanna.

Thank you for the great offer Steveyo. Looks like I won’t be there due to the rain.

I expect those cyclocross guys ride rain or shine, but not me. If I end up going I’ll be sure to PM you before I leave the house Sunday morning.

Cyclocross is a strange sport.

Hello lleberg, Who left that board in the middle of the track?:slight_smile: At least I have an idea of the obstacles. Thanks.

I just heard back from Pete at nycross,

Hey Ken,
cycocross is one of the unique sports in that it is
NEVER canceled due to weather. Unless the course is
completely underwater or possibly on fire, we will be
Hope to see you there!

(Hmmmmm, Do I really want to be a weeny and miss this because of rain?)

It was a great race!

Steveyo and I raced. We were the only unicyclist there. It was rainy, cold, wet, muddy and rutty. The unicycle race was the last scheduled race and cyclo’ists had torn up the trail pretty well.

I say Steveyo and I raced, but it was hardly a race. After the first turn I didn’t see Steveyo again until I finally crossed the finish line. He cheered me in, after having waited patiently.

The mud and soggy rut trail was the worst for me. The first quarter of the 2 mile track was like this. After many UPD’s I ended up hoofing it through more than half of the wet stuff. I was wet and worn out, thereafter I just kept slowly plodding away to the finish.

The cyclo’ist are great sports accepting the uni’s on their course. Many took interest in the 3" fat tire on my 24" Nimbus Muni. A number suggested they had a uni, but never took the time to learn. Me, I learned that those guys as well as Steveyo are Iron men, able to plow a cycle thru those trails.

Eventually I made it home with both clothes and uni muddy. I’m tired but I’ll do it again. Mostly it was fun, with a bonus of having the pleasure of meeting Steveyo and his family.

Yeah -
Great to meet another unicyclist and forum member, Ken!

I UPD’ed all over the place, too. It was sloppy. Otherwise great course, though. There were some tight turns, where a uni was an advantage. There were some possible hills and some impossible hills (for me), places where the cyclocross bikers also run up.

Way fun, and it would be awesome to get the Saratoga folks and anyone else in NY/VT/MA/CT here for the next year’s race, and maybe I can talk them into a longer race for our category.