UPS Timechart

Does anyone know of a good online UPS Ground timechart? UDC called my house last Wednesday saying they had processed my order and were working on shipping it out, and now on Monday, it’s still not here, and I’m getting really impatient, just because I’m looking forward to finally learning.

UDC has a FAQ for that: UDC trasit times

Keep in mind that the clock doesn’t start ticking until the day after the box leaves UDC. UDC ships out at the end of the day. And to make it worse the transit time estimates count weekdays only.

It’s 3 days to Texas. Figure that it shipped out from UDC on Wednesday evening so the clock starts on Thursday. Add 3 weekdays and you should, maybe, get it today or maybe Tuesday.

Oh crap, I guess I missed that map on there. Thanks.

if u want to know the real dat eof arrival add like 5 days… thats what happend to me and now I hate ups

If you order over the web, then when UDC ships you should get a email with the tracking number. Otherwise call UDC and ask them for it. Then track your shipment at the UPS site.

Once it ships, if your really anxious, then you can call UPS and explain to them it is really not an emergency, but you would like to pick up your package earlier in the day. (For me home delivery at 6:30PM at night ). If your lucky they will phone the driver, and arrange a time and place for you to meet and you can get your uni earlier in the day. I did this for my Coker and UPS was unbelievably nice about it. (I got my hands on the Coker by 11AM.)

I ordered an airfoil Coker rim, it should be here the Wed. before Thanksgiving. So I can (attempt to) rebuild my wheel over the holiday. I can hardly wait.

Good luck with your order.

I sent in a money order, my family doesn’t use credit cards.

Personally, I prefer FedEx. I used to work for UPS and I still like FedEx better. When I had my Coker wheel delivered, said that they attempted the delivery at a time when everyone at our house was home and that they left a door tag. When I called UPS, they said that the driver did attempt it and we must have just not heard him. The driver came the next day told my sister that he didn’t have time to get to our house so he just scanned it and said that we weren’t home. Down with UPS.

That sounds like something that could happen with any company.
After all, it’s up to one person to decide what they want to do. I bet that UPS would not appreciate such service, so as a customer, you should let them know so that they can provide better service to you and everyone else in the future.

Though, for me, it does come down to price and service, FedEx ground has provided good service (usually faster to deliver) and from my experience, it is usually cheaper than UPS. However, as a buyer, we don’t always have a choice.

True, but the company creates the situation. Why did the driver not have time? Why was he uncomfortable telling the truth? These point to problems with the way the business is run, and bad management will affect other drivers.

About a year ago, I was sitting at home, eagerly awaiting a package. I checked the online tracking info and found that it had been delivered already to my front door. I looked everywhere, but couldn’t find it. An hour later, the driver showed up with the package. I asked him about his time machine and he told me that as of a recent policy change, they were supposed to take a very short lunch break. So he frequently lied about delivery times to make it look like he was working, took a longer break, and then tried to do the deliveries that much faster to make up the time. One person, one decision, but maybe he wasn’t the only one doing that.

Oh, and the last time I ordered something from UDC, it took two extra days because UPS kept putting it on the wrong truck. (Can we start calling them UPD?)

My complaint with FedEx is that it’s a real pain to get them to change delivery locations. Since most places will only ship to the billing address on the card, and since I work a later shift that tends to ensure that I’m NEVER able to sign for packages, having the first slip arrive and then change the address to work is optimal for me.

FedEx only allows the shipper to do this, which can sometimes be a pain depending on who you’re purchasing from.