UPRISE: a unicycle compilation

This is a video I made of some of my friends and I unicycling over the past couple of months. Please comment and leave feedback (good or bad) about the video or the riding.

Next time you might wanna include a link so we can watch it

Otherwise, nice job


The riding was nice, but the editing was just awesome! :smiley:

Nice work, your riding is awsome and the editing is even more awsome!

good riding, great editing. I enjoyed it. especially at the end, when it became more fast paced and matched the music very well. I love that song :roll_eyes:

Nice video:)

That was pretty cool. Must be nice to have so many people to ride with. Only thing that I see bad is a few of you did a lot of prehops. Just try to do less.

nice video man! ^^

i Like the video :wink:
how long do you ride

eding is very good


I liked it a lot. Especially that some of it was stuff that some newer guys such as myself can actually do or are presently attempting to do. Not just insane out of reach stuff.

Great editing too;)