upload on unicycle.tv

We still have a mystic problem with our Java upload frontend and I see that some try hard to upload their file without succes. Sorry for that.
So I post here now the FTP login vie Browser or FTP client. You can log in with: ftp://utvupload:daolpuvtu@upload.unicycle.tv/

For FTP clients that means:

host: upload.unicycle.tv
user: utvupload
pw: daolpuvtu

Once you have uploaded your file via ftp you can go to step 2 of the upload page on utv “Enter Your Data” There you can add the video title and tags and all that stuff and you can select your upoaded file on tthe Bottom of the page.

Then just click on “save” and your video is online and you get the links to post it.

I hope that work for the most of you, we work also to fix the option to upload via the Java applet but for the moment it must done by ftp.
Please upload a wmv, mov or flv file if possible.

Sorry Olaf but I haven’t the foggiest idea how to upload my vids to your website. I have absolutely no understanding of “FTP” or any of that stuff and when I click on that link it just shows me some “index” and a trailer of some kind. “Clients” and that stuff makes no sense to me. It would be so much easier if you could upload my videos for me; I PM’d you earlier about that. Thanks!

When you click the link it takes you to that page, then you need to go to page, and click open on ftp somthin lol Then it will open a window where you drag your video in. hope i helped although I suck at explaining :smiley:

All I found at that link were 3 different videos. That’s all.

Yea one would ahve been mine, School days lol. You just drag your video into there and it uploads.

@MuniAddict: I will download your stuff and upload it soon on utv, sorry responding so late.
Kidmuni is right but dont worry about that.